Kare wa Kanojo ni Kawaru node

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Ch. 3.1
I also know how this is gonna go. But I honestly am not liking either of the two potential romantic partners. The girl that helped him out earlier and is the only one to know his secret and is also his cousin. She seems like the best partner for the MC honestly. I feel like there is a high chance the story is gonna go for a romance with the dude blackmailing him. Since most of the time in these types of stories, The guy with the most attention is the one that will be the love interest. I am not gonna lie, I don't like him and if we're gonna have to get a romance between one of these two, I'd much prefer the more silent one that used to be the MC's friend.
This guy an idiot. He could've easily said that it was his girlfriends that she probably left in his bag. I always dislike it in stories when the MC just complies into getting black mailed.