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Vol. 3 Ch. 28
What is attribute echo?
Question : why didnt bakayaROU wear any armor when it goes to war ? Because this manga is very smart .

36 goblins + 36 bears/wolves = 73 animals . Smart manga again .

A war between human race and elf race , and human army has only 800 heads . Smart .

goblin e-b!tch can build a big wall , so is bakayaROU the caricature of the racist donald trump ? Lol .

Page 11 : what the hell are they doing ? Should we vote this scene as the most best , greatest action scene that is ever drawn in manga history ?

bakayaROU : You can do whatever you like with the MALE humans . Let the FEMALE humans alive until I can do whatever I like with them . You ask why ? Because Im an EFF-ing sexist and rapist .

goblin mi-b!tch is sucking out all the hot , sticky , bodily "juices" of the males . What a slut , lol .

bakayaROU : hey , non-ugly , non-monster , non-male girl , I have no intention of letting you die here , not until I have tasted your pu$$y at least 100 times .
girl : I think I have fallen in love with you , ugly animal , even after you butchered my husband , my lover , my brothers , my cousins , my sons , my nephews , my uncles , my father , my family , my friends ..... right in front of me .

In this manga , the girls's only scenes are of them falling for bakayaROU . Is this a lame dating sim written by some virgin otakus ?