Musume no Iede

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Vol. 1 Ch. 6 - Unripe Fruit
@pokefairy don't mind them, they've got some weird af hangups on hair colours of characters. Like, I get it to a certain extent, but not every instance of hair colour is a trope lol
@pachka84 what does her hair color have to do with anything? The mangaka wrote Hourou Musuko, and the love interest in that has dark hair but she's still badass. You're looking for racism where there is none.
Mayu is great, inviting all her friends at her dad's place without letting them know beforehand :D
Okay, this has been an okay-ish manga so far, but this is really badly written and completely unrealistic.
There is no way this girl would just walk through all of this at her leisure, tell the guy off, be rid of him and have one short scene where she drops a couple of tears without emotion.
If this girl had dark hair we all know the mangaka would have turned this into a complete tragedy and would have made the girl weep her way through the ordeal. Letting the girl deal with it so easily because the is blonde is really bad writing and shows a severe lack of skill and intent to create a story that can match the highbrow style the mangaka wants to sell his story through.
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Yo, fucking hate old perverted fucks taking advantage of kids. Still...this handled it better than i was expecting.
So did the pedo leave the town? I'm glad tbh!!