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Vol. 6 Ch. 31 - Milim the Whirlwind (Part 1)
@z0n3 Y'all are acting like it's simple to eat two catastrophe level beings. The dragon was first of all sealed, and was even a willing participant in it. And I'm sure the dragon took up a lot of storage regardless, so to try to predate on another catastrophe class that is completely unrestrained in any way and unwilling to be predated would be complete fool hardy. Rimuru is strong, but he's not the strongest. We're not even sure if she can take on a disaster level demon lord yet (he probably can, but it's going to take a lot out of him)
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At the last page "the future looks bleak" which one the oppai or the trouble.
Did this hypocrite forget how he reacted when Gobuta greeted his human form for the first time?
Milim is actually a great match for him if you think about it.

And in reference to the comments below
The dragon's magic was sealed. Real question would be why can he eat the magic that was capable of sealing him.
Then again, perhaps the face that he ate the dragon is why he can't eat her. Lets say the dragon takes up 80% of the storage space in his stomach. Not much room left anymore.
@z0n3 The Dragon (Veldora) let himself be eaten without resistance
He ate the dragon but he can't eat the girl? Kinda bullshit is that?
I just love how Milim, being the strongest or one of the strongest demon lords, actually be friendly and decided to live there.