Wu Dong Qian Kun

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Vol. 4 Ch. 14
Clan A: Look at me bitchin and stole other people's thing in broad daylight!
Clan B: You arrogant and spoiled girl let me teach you some manners.
Clan A: How dare you teach my arrogant and spoiled fiance some manners? I want REVENGE!
Clan B: REVENGE my ass, I am the MC so let me kick your ass.
Clan A: How dare you hurt my son's ass, you're not worthy go back and drink your breast milk first! I want REVENGE!
Clan B: How could you kill our clan's men? What they've done wrong? Let's fight back! We want REVENGE!
Clan A: How dare you fight back? If you want war then war it is! REVENGE our clan's men!

And the stupid REVENGE cycle continues until MC win the war. The one that started it, wouldn't appears in a single panel during the last fight. Wuxia writers could pick a better reason to start a war with like political reason, market rights, etc. But instead, they always picked the most ridiculous reason like kid fight and other nonsense. It's as if the one writing the story is a 8 year old brat who can't let go their grudges. If not for its' unique world setting, I wonder who want to read these Wuxias.
@SoullessVoid You are forgetting.

1. Make fun of someone so bad a clan war breaks out. (This is the kids street brawl)
2. Cruel family's Evil Cultivation Man comes out of his hole.
3. Rob the MC. He has that drug, book or weapon I want.
4. Horny martial artists roaming the woods come across a girl. Now the Hero has to stop a rape.

That should cover about 90% of them.

You also have to lay down some sweet Chinese insults like "The toad desires swan meat" when talking about a hero talking to a girl of high standing.
@Drinkfist doesn't that cover basically the majority of wuxia fights ever (Even the full on clan wars)?
A staple of Wuxia. A kids street brawl spiraling out of control due to dumb bullying.