Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san Japanese

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Vol. 1 Ch. 8.1 - Senpai, Who Gave You Chocolate...?
Nagatoro is so predictable in the way she got nervous at the thought of someone else giving him chocolate or even being interested in him. But in a way, it kind of is nice how this mangaka built a character with a simple role set. In that, she is a girl in love with this guy and loves picking on him like a grade schooler. The roles are reversed in the sense normally a boy would act like a brat to get the attention of the one he loves.

I wasn’t trolling. I simply misunderstood the panels. I had an impression she wasn’t going to tell him she had the chocolate and in my head a few reasons why she wouldn’t tell him about it (like that it was for another boy) came up.

When I saw your reply I reread this chapter and yeah, she’s not leaving so there’s a chance she gave him the chocolate in the next panel.

We’re like, three chapters away from a bento now...
@alraisen a lot of people get off from dominating others and a lot of people get off from the feeling of being dominated.

The more he cry the cuter he is.
It's kind of sweet how she reacts to the just idea of another girl taking interest in Senpai.

@Bengraven I know you're probably trolling us, however I still feel the need to correct you. It's obvious that the box is chocolate that Nagatoro is giving to Senpai because a later chapter taking place during White Day has Senpai giving Nagatoro candy as a return gift which a guy doesn't unless the girl gave him chocolates on Valentine's Day.
So the box:

1) Someone else gave her that box. She just doesn’t want him to see. She probably meant to mock him with it but when she realized how jealous she got over him she didn’t want to put him through that.

2) like above only she bought it herself for herself.
But we know why we get wet for Toro-kun.
Beats me why Nagatoro gets wet about this piece of shit.