Maken no Daydreamer

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Vol. 1 Ch. 6
Oh, well all is forgiven, who cares that she tried to lead the MC to his death. We all have our circumstances, right?
Fuck her.
I'm sure idiot MC #4598 will just be fine with it and help her, too.
Thanks for the chapter!
Figured she was being squeezed for money by some bastards. Frankly they seem like the types who even if are paid in full will tack on additional debt for lame reasons or thank her for the money before grabbing her and either raping and/or selling her as a slave. As for MC having lived about 18 years in Japan he should have heard about some tricks and scams so wouldn't be surprised if already knows she led him to a trap but didn't say anything because grateful for help she's given already and waiting for her to tell him her trouble so can help out.
You are correct.
His personality and motivations are so foreign to her experience, it's not possible for her to conceive that he would assist her if given a clear understanding of the true situation.

It'll be interesting to see if he has any impact upon her world view.
Of course, for that to occur, the actuality of her environment would have to change, because her current world view is proper for the world she lives in.
@Weasalopes Normally such a thing would never visit people's mind. She's in trouble and has very much her feet on the ground. Of course she wouldn't believe some stranger would simply help her, considering her usual associates are those criminals whose job is to exploit people.
well... does give me a "slightly" better impression of her. Anyway, bring bac da succubus
But, she didn't plan on taking that much advantage of him!
Even though she did set him up for the slavers, apparently she does have some scruples after all.

An odd girl, this Elk.


Now that I've finished the chapter, things are more clear; somehow these chaps have a hold over her.
Somehow she's responsible for a debt to them, that has a deadline for payment, and they have leverage. I'm presuming the standard "we know who your (insert relative here) is, and nasty things will happen to them if we don't get paid."

Little does she realize that this is precisely the situation where she could explain everything to Our Hero, and he'd help her out to the best of his ability; he's got a thing about family, after all.
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Yuuuuuuuuuup. To literally no one's surprise, she was using him!