Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku

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Vol. 4 Ch. 22
@janedarling Sorry it took me 5months to see your reply, real life happened and I forgot about mangas.

I don't remember much of the story but whenever we see the young Hirotaka when he was in school with Narumi and how much he treasures those days, it feels like that's when he started liking her.
Then when Nao starts talking about his brother crush (and Nao wouldn't consider a videogame character), I'm pretty sure he meant Hirotaka finally starting to date Narumi.
@wolfeng Are you saying that Nakoruru wasn't his first crush that things worked out for? 'Cause I got the impression that maybe it's Narumi, but I'm not good with subtleties in this department.
I love the fact that the author uses real characters when they start their crushes. And I'm so disappointed that Nao didn't speak fast enough for Narumi to realize the truth, I wanted to see her teasing Hirotaka after that.

Woah a blast from the past. Not only does nifuji have great taste but she was also my go to character for CvS2 for years. No matter how much I change up my team I still have to include her. This is a blast of nostalgia I was just not expecting god damn.