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Vol. 4 Ch. 21 - This Woman and I
“muy dangerous” = “very dangerous”. I think maybe the translation group speaks Spanish? The upside-down question mark earlier kinda hints at that too
The translation of this chapter was indeed terrible, fortunately it does improve in the following ones. Don’t drop the manga yet :v
Real grateful reader we have here.
Also is this fixed? i find no sentence is hard to understand.
Why do cat girl call her?
Is she a betrayer? Does she do this to save both of them?

Holy fuck the translation quality took a nosedive with your group man, what the hell. Some of the sentences aren't even readable, all kinds of missing letters that would be caught with a basic spell check. Some seriously fucking trash quality scanlation, I hope it improves.
a justice catgirl, an invisible trap, a reverse trap who looks a bit like izumi from digimon, and led by a hot asf lesbian captain. sigh *unzips*