Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Japanese

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Vol. 7 Ch. 28 - Judgement
What's more frustrating is that they are constantly shown they are nothing to the threats now... yet, they just double down on their bullshit.

"We can't fully trust you"
... you guys have seen the country itself is in question, along with the pretty toxic behavior of Malty, and you still believe Naofumi is a rapist, despite him being able to drag his reputation out of the mud?

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Those other 3 heroes aren't worth much in this fight too I guess.... Naofumi has every obligation to let them die but he's not strong enough to do that... and thus he needs to go with the way of the world...
Lol Motoyasu.... how bout looking at a mirror sometimes you prick.
You can tell the pope is the real deal because he has a big hat