Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

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Vol. 7 Ch. 26 - Firo vs Fitoria
"The waves are not a game"

Ummmmm excuse me? What the goddamn fuck?
Would ypu kindly tell that to the other 3 who's dumb as fuck and not Naofumi who's the most competent person in the whole fucking kingdom.

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So sick of this spear dipshit jumping to conclusions
LOL so the more powerful you become the more ahoge's you get? Sounds legit to me! ?
Dumbass bird queen, dumbass lancer, fuck almost everyone in this manga.

If there weren't nice demi-humans in this manga i'd agree with the shield hero that it should all burn.

I'm still not convinced it shouldn't though.

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Naofumi:*Literally in a different area*
Lance/Spear guy:
Weren't the same asshole that was ridiculing Naofumi for his incapability to do damage? How the flying fuck did he overpower them then? Does Motoyasu even think, like, at all?

@SSS26032002 actually, what happens is that if a hero dies, that weapon cannot reach the next successor unless everyone else dies so they can restart the ritual to get the new heroes.
If one of them dies, the others are able to continue living, but it is prophecized that their world can only be saved by the FOUR heroes. In effect, to cover their bases, all heroes must survive to the end so there is no risk in them misinterpreting the prophecy.
Essentially, what Fitoria would have done is kill the current heroes, take their weapons, then do the ritual herself so the next chosen heroes can be transported to her world.

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It is getting more Sh!tty now... didn't you hear at the beginning of the series that if one of them dies then all of them are dead?? How dumb can you be??
I'm getting triggered with everyone taking advantage of my man here.
Here we go again
Motoyasu: *stubs toe in the middle of the night*
Motoyasu: Curse you, Shield Hero! >:(
Firo used head bump!
It's not very effective!
Firo hurt herself!