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Vol. 8 Ch. 69 - The Tin Can Phone Line is Dying
For some reason, this manga does a really good job of portraying people who are just kind of fumbling around but trying to understand each other, rather than being stereotypical harem protag levels of dense. I wonder if part of the reason it works is that it's a recurring thing between different sets of characters, not just centered around the MC or coming off as "we need a misunderstanding to drive the plot - quick!". Legosi's awkward, and he doesn't necessarily read people's meanings very well, but he's just so goddamn earnest it works. (And, as is fitting for a foil character, Louis is decent (although not perfect) at reading people, but he's acting most of the time, and it's difficult for him to be earnest with anyone.)

The ferret(?) in the background dropping his load of books after overhearing Legosi drop a bombshell just kills me every time.