Umibe no Étranger

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1
@duongvuduc96 hello, I'm just a random internet stranger, but I wish that you happiness
Please take care of yourself, have a nice day and a nice rest on daily grind
I hate handsome people, they got to love each other so easily.
Hate myself too, even I am lonely, but I love no one, but I want to be loved. And even I can't love myself.
I am too lazy, too fat, too useless, got nothing in mind, living emptiness
I hate this life, and I cant be weak enough brave enough to end it.
I still have parents, the stress of the only son keep me stress.
I just sometimes wish I was in the center of Atom Bomb Explosion, I will feel nothing to be disappear, the painless suicide
'' Why can't people accept us'' he ponders, while thirsting on a kid...
this is a good series, loved it. and the art style was great too
so far so good, i just really like the art