Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.

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Vol. 3 Ch. 15

This one goes really well with this chapter. Pretty sure Miyagi would at least say "nande" at his decision.
DANDAN_THE_DANDAN can u explain why he wish to die sooner and hope miyagi forget him eventhough miyagi want to be with him til last moment and dont want to forget about him?
It struck me that this is how I lost my passion in art. It slowly ceased to excite me as I gradually enjoy it less myself. Back in the days when I did it for fun, no matter how unimpressive it may be to others, I still went on. It was until years ago my aim diverted to praise and digits on the net working on art brought pain to myself.

Maybe I would pick it up again, for myself. Maybe not because of my short term memory.

Bless the mangaka and author.
I don't want it to end, it's so good.
@Beregorn You're misunderstanding the concept. Kusunoki's future has changed after he met Miyagi. Now those thirty days are worth about 270,000 yen. He could have bought more lifespan in the past with just 30 yen but that was his previous, unfortunate future. This one is a future where he is destined for fame but he refused it. All to pay for Miyagi's debt which she inherited from her mother unfairly.

His life is no longer worth 30 yen a year like in his past but rather it has matured into almost 300,000 yen a month thanks to her.

Kusunoki doesn't care about money. He cares for neither fame nor historical immortality. He's simply fulfilled and satisfied to have lived two months alongside Miyagi as his observer and thankful for giving him a happiness which was impossible for him to achieve in his twenty years of life along with another, previously possible but not anymore, thirty years and three months of lost and unfruitful hope.

Nothing in this world matters anymore to him. He's thankful; not towards life but rather towards Miyagi's existence, her interactions with him.

Words can't really express how much I am attached to the main characters of this story. I really love this manga.

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@Beregorn Its not as simple as that.
Ok, this is the dumbest plan ever! He could spend the thirty days painting, pay 30 yen to rebuy his life, sell the paintings to repay Miyagi's debt in full and then they lived happily ever after...
so this is the origin of the tile