Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodateshinagara Boukensha Shimasu

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Ch. 28 - A New Friend!
Me: Bad puss, that's not food. *sigh* Now we're going to go have to try to guess where you found it and put it back...

Vector: "I have brought an assistant to help you raise the children, my lord. I know you threw a ball, but I brought what you really wanted."
Thank you for the Translation ^^
Also cute ass pet super responsible already hunting for himself.

Also I just can't get over that Takumi isn't considering Water, and wind as a thing for killing. I personally think that if you master wind magic to an extent you can deprive a space with oxygen therefore render fire magic useless. While water is basically Ice magic as well~ So fire+wind= Can create some nasty combinations but wind+water= Can also create disasters imagine water is pretty damn heavy and its in the atmosphere at all times if you weaponize the things that are some of the most common things we use in daily life you can kill a monster or a human by simply depriving them of what's needed to commit alive~ Out of all of the elements I rather have wind because its the most versitle imo Fire is still the flashy one tho ใƒฝ(*๏พŸ๏ฝฐ๏พŸ*)๏พ‰
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Thanks for the chapter!
Wow, Vector is already capturing dinner! Seriously though, it's good he can prioritize properly. Looks like a maid, possibly shipwrecked or something. Guess we'll find out next chapter.
It's another "otherworld residents are as dumb as turkeys" chapter.

Maybe he can spread kitemaking or windmills?
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What a nice pet. It caught its own dinner ๐Ÿ˜Š
@tigerstar186 With the way Japanese kana works, it probably is.
@banjomarx Well thats true but u know, I was just connecting the fact that the twin's dad was a water god, so I went for Poseidon. Altho if u think about it, 80% of the top Greek gods are asses who luvs to fuck their way around than care for the humans they rule over.
First thanks for the translation.
Second, everyone goes into super serious analysis of foodstuff, and I'm like God tier lion play fetch ! Lion comes back with a unrelated person instead of the ball. And I'm just laughing my ass off ๐Ÿ˜‚
@CraniumAmbiguity It's not that there is no food culture, it's that it hasn't changed in centuries. There's no need to make do with what you have, since what they have is always the best ingredients, provided by god. So they have used all the combinations of ingredients they could think of, come up with all the basic cooking methods, tried making just salads with raw materials, and are at the point where creativity is basically gambling with your high quality ingredients, anything you try will noticeably ruin the thing you are cooking, for a better end result. Fermenting, frying, even using marinades, are all basically throwing a bunch of expensive ingredients together, and letting them sit there, you don't really use them afterwards either.
@goodhunter most innovations in history were due to trying to make do with subpar materials. Blacksmithing techniques came out of working with low quality metals, cooking with spices came out of food shortages forcing people to eat less palatable stuff, so it makes sense that things would stagnate, if just killing monsters or opening boxes in a dungeon always gives you high quality stuff. The soy sauce even makes sense, since it tastes like crap (salty crap) by itself.
From what I play from the game series name 1602AD, 1503AD, Anno 1404, etc.
Citizens from rank 1 to 2 only need food, ale, cloth.
Citizens from rank 3 to rank 5 need Spices, wine (not ale), clothes (not cloth), jewel, luxury items.

I don't know how close it is to reality
but poor citizens only need food to survive, ale and cloth to be happy.

Well, as for that Video. It's nice, I love it.
But I didn't know about it until you post the link for me.
And I think even European might not know about it and misunderstood just like me.
As for the Author, he is Japanese, so he might get a lot of influence by the great food shortage crisis,
quoted from wiki.

Okumura Ayao, a Japanese food scholar, recalls the food crisis' impact in rural areas. He said:

From 1944 on, even in the countryside, the athletic grounds of local schools were converted into sweet potato fields.
And we ate every part of the sweet potato plant, from the leaf to the tip of the root…
For protein, we ate beetles, beetle larvae, and other insects that we found at the roots of the plants we picked, which we roasted or mashed.
Even in the countryside, food was scarce.

That's why they are often happy just by eating proper food (not Cuisine level yet)
@Loli_Omamoritai The world was not bland before Columbus. And variety in cooking isn't just limited to seasoning. All across the world you can find bread in different shapes and forms, with different fillings and ingredients. Either devised by the indigenous ppl or indoctrinated into their culture, when introduced by outsiders, by using their local seasoning/cooking techniques. The wide variety of using/processing soybeans and rice in Asia is a testament to generations of trial and error fueled by curiosity and the pursuit of something "better" or different.

For the most, part ppl were limited by what they could get their hands on and work with, not because "they were satisfied by how things already tasted" and "never bothered to try anything new".

On a side note: This guy did some vids of food in Medieval times by different social structures, and how different it was than what we probably imagine.
Who else expected a dragon?
The fuck is wrong with the water God fucking and impregnating woman then skimping over to another one. Sigh typical male Gods.
this world is at "Iron Age" or after that at best (on Earth).
And those are all BC (before Christ)
Up until 1492 Anno Domini, Columbus has his first voyage to the West Indies for Spices (Well, ended up at America though)
It was "Millennium", not just "Centuries"
I mean even Europe in the past didn't have spices yet.
How could they develop new food for the Age before that?
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Thank you for more chapters!
Goodness the God of Water passing through these women like water lol. And can't wait to see who this waifu is haha

Thanks for another chapter!!โ™ก
zeus was definitely the worst though with womanizing lol, the man just could not keep his pants on
@nicklablue I think u mean Poseidon. I mean iirc, the guy was a known womanizer too aside from the god of thunder.
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