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Vol. 5 Ch. 40 - The Real Deal
I swear, if the other judges are as cute as Gado and Kolja...

Yeah, I thought Kolja would just be Gado knock-off at best, but that scene of her(?) returning that cap is seriously cute and funny.

I wonder if there are scenes where the judges interact with each other, even if just omake.
Yep, called it. Thanks for translating!
Thank you for another chapter. Glad we made it through this game.
That owl needs to read some more romance for the next time.
Also, the omake was pretty funny. They're quite dedicated to their pranks, aren't they?
Differences spotted by images:
1) Oda's face and fingernail, the pawn's eyes, the beetle in the box.
2) The heart on Gottesanbeterin's chest, the false nose and moustache.
3) More sweat and different cravate.
4) Aya's mouth.
5) Pointy ears, heart in the hair, creepy lip-licking.
6) Eyes and mouth.
I feel there's something else but can't quite put my finger on it. ๐Ÿค”
Thank you for the game and the translation.
Thank you for translation
Didn't know that not many people read this