Emperor and the Female Knight

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Ch. 93
Dang, this chapter had a lot going on.
Maybe it's because the feminism is an ongoing theme, but what stuck out to me was: Donau is gonna have a kid.

My mind: But he's baby.
(I know, I know. Medieval setting = families much earlier) B-but, but he's baby!
Oh this chapter is really great! The portrayal of women in that exact era and place, and how an anomaly (that is Miss Paul) were forced to face and think of the reality of women is conveyed subtly but not humbly.

It is an emotional chapter cause even in the modern times, not all women could have the luck and rewards such as Miss Paul's. And she, realizing it, probly couldn't help the heartache and helplessness that comes after.
Excellent chapter
I really liked this chapter because it's been a while since we've seen her deeply think about her role and other women in the society she lives in and be vulnerable. I agree with many other commenters that I have to remind myself that Paulina is a woman and is an exception only because the Emperor allows her to be so. It's so easy to think that because she was able to be a female knight it would all of a sudden lead to a revolution and a surge of female rights activism, but that's not the case. Society isn't changed that easily and Paulina wasn't trying Tu change the role of women, but the role of HERSELF
Thanks for the update 😌
@oreore Agreed. I am sick of the beautiful and slender women who claim to be swordsmen but look like they have never lifted anything heavy. Pol is normal looking, she has trained hard in the summer and winter, and gone through pain and war. I think the way she looks is perfectly fine and a reflection of her efforts.
I've never seen a girl with this level of masculine face that resembles nothing of a girl in any manga... And I have read like 50 mangas with reverse trap characters...

I didn't have a slightest problem with her face being like that, quite on the contrary, I'm very much glad she's portrayed like that -- just normal looking. And your statement just proves the point that industry tends to cater to whatever 'girly' image is build in people's minds. Can't we just enjoy 'normal' looking women that don't need to look and behave 'feminine'? You just said there are already 50 titles to suit your tastes, but I'm, for one, so sick of this repeating over and over image that this manhwa is just a breath of fresh air in every aspect, these kind of titles are rare af, there's literally no need to try and fit it into mainstream ones and make it 'another one' to those 50.

Also, femc of Irregular Empress looks just as normal as Paulina in terms of femininity... I really don't see her face being 'feminine' by default as you see it to be. In shots where she pretends to be a man, she looks like a man, in shots where she pretends to be a woman she looks like a woman.

And just so you know, one of these ↓ faces' owner is a boy. But both faces have same traits...
@dieseldargon exactly
Seeing this chapter illustrated hits different. The novel made me feel sad but this made me cry.
Guys she is a woman but she lived a harsh life. Trained constantly and endured assaults, even she does not recognize herself as a woman completely and she always was rejected by the social norms so she views herself just by her capacity as a knight. There are women in this world that are androngynous they also have the right to be represented. Why is there such a standard about what a woman should look like? It's kind of sexist what you all say in the comments. Please be more understanding and inclusive.

PS. there is a happy ending. the novel just finished.
If you've never had a moment where you realize that you are something you didn't think you were, or realize what it means to be what you are its hard to explain what that mixture of feelings is but I think that could be why she's crying. Realizing a change in identity just is emotional. I cried when I realized I loved what I did and that I had- for lack of a better term- "made it", not that my situation is analogous to hers at all.

Paulina has though of herself as nothing but a warrior or a knight for twenty years, this is probably the first time she's even thought about what it means to be a woman in any context but the consequences of losing a fight in that time.
I think she's crying because she realizes how hard it is for women. She's at the top but every other woman she knows aren't allowed to do what they want (Vaxie and Vanessa, despite being talented can't learn swords and are now pregnant)

Long eyelashes isn't a feminine trait. In fact most men have longer eyelashes than women in general, IN REAL LIFE. BUT in mangas %99 of the time females are drawn with longer eyelashes and slighty/much bigger eyes ONLY to distinguish them from males. Not because women have longer eyelashes or bigger eyes than men irl, which is false in the first place. That's why we could easily tell there gender only by judging there faces. Long eyelashes in mangas ISN'T a makeup, they just means the character is a female, not male. And boys with long eyelashes in mangas are %99 of the time described as feminine looking or ''pretty boy'' types.

The artist could've drawn a little bit of eyelashes on paulina not because to make her more look feminine, only because we ''could'' tell her she is ,in fact, a female, but a very masculine one at that. I don't want her to look more feminine, I only want some tiny goddamn eyelashes! Only eyelashes, nothing more! And I'm a sucker for tomboys in mangas, to the point I only read romance manga where the fl is a tomboy with boyish short hair and appearance. But not like this!

''It's almost ridiculous to think that she doesnt look like a woman enough, when her being a woman and having it hard is one of the main themes in the series.''

That's the point. ''Her being a woman'' No, I don't see a woman. That IS the main issue. The manhwa constantly has to tell me that she's a woman to remind me that she's a woman. But when I look at Pauline I see no ''woman'' having it hard (which is true it's one of the main theme in the manhwa). I see a MAN having difficulties to live as the ''female'' knight.

If I only wanted to read the story I would've read its novel, not the manhwa. In mangas visuals and character designs are just as important as the story. If not then there would be no point of drawing and reading manga. I could've just read books.
And as I had said before I only want her to have eyelashes only to remind me that she's a woman, nothing more.

In this panel she looks like a crossdressing man, not the other way around. A


And I already argued with someone the other day because %80 of them mistook the gender of some girl in the manga. Here is the comment section. You can see mine.


''So that was not a dude......''

Here are the panels of the said girl %80 thought was a boy.


Yep this one. Most people tought she was a boy until the very last chapter where her gender was kinda ''revealed'' (it's ridiculous to even say the word) while she clearly looks MUCH MORE OF A GIRL than Pauline. Longer hair, bigger eyes, much longer eyelashes (Pauline doesn't have any and she has much longer lashes than any other character in emperor and the female knight manhwa), much shorter height, much more feminine body shape, and seemingly larger breasts. And on the top of all those she even dresses like a woman . All in the exact same page! Yet people still thought she was a boy. Hurray!

And here is our beloved Pauline

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i think she's crying because she remember how much the different in treatment between men and women, that's why she think about the "wall" that bound the women from the concubine's statement bout how she couldn't get a castle cause she is a woman.
thank you for the update
man this chapter hits differently
right in the kokoro
@illusion_moon right I agree. It's like she's always on the sidelines being happy for other people from a distance, without giving her own happiness much thought. Very selflessness, but lonely as hell...
Why is she crying 😭😭😭
Wow this chapter kinda...made me tear up...
I miss that subordinate boy whose name I can’t remember. I’m happy that he got married to a good girl, but it feels a little lonely as well.

Does Paulina have friends that she can truly trust? I don’t count those concubines, as they are not really friends. Her subordinates are also not really friends. I think that all in all, Paulina is a lonely person, as she is in a unique position of being a high-ranking female knight.
Thank you for the update. This series is always a nice change from the normal stuff I read.
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