Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!

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Vol. 7 Ch. 32 - Fuku-Kaichou’s Long Night
Why skip the entire festival? Feels like it could've been interesting. Same with the swim meet or whatever that was. Can't we have a little bit of story here? Skipping is nice if you skip worthless crap that would've just taken up space, but this is just a bit disappointing. It's not as if it'd be hard to write about or draw, right? Maybe she, the author, just doesn't like that stuff and wanted to avoid it, I guess that's fine.

Anyway, I've wondered about the medicine they take when getting colds. What is it, anyway? Is it just stuff like paracetamol or ibuprofen? You know, the usual crap we take for headaches, reducing fever and reducing inflammation when things gets really bad(at least a fever above 38.5c or severe headaches.) In the first place, that doesn't help you get over the fever quicker. It just serves to dampen the symptoms a bit. I don't know of any medicine that actually "cures" the cold quicker, after all, it's a natural reaction in order to kill whatever virus or bacteria that has infected your body, just lowering fever isn't good. The only way to cure it quicker should be to get something that helps the body kill the malicious bacteria/virus, but for that you'd either need to use antibiotics for bacteria or something specific for the type of virus you have, a cure-all doesn't really exist... Even if it does, taking it when not needed would build up resistance towards it, which is why people don't take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

So, I really wonder if it's a japanese myth that this medicine helps you get healthy quicker? Seems more to me like it's something such as paracetamol or ibuprofen which just helps dampen the symptoms and thus make you feel like it "cures" the sickness faster.

Another thing I find extremely hilarious is the ridiculous exaggeration when it comes to colds in manga/anime/novels. They make it seem as if people who gets colds are knocked out and get light-headed and can't even think properly, becoming clumsy fools who can't do anything themselves without fainting and just has to lie down and be taken care of. Why have I never seen such a weird cold in my entire life? Even when I'm down with 40C fevers, I can still walk around even if it's a pain. While anything over 39C makes me tired and sluggish, it doesn't mean I can't move around and do things like cook some food. I certainly don't lose my ability to think. But these people in manga/anime gets 38 or 38.5C in fever and they're out cold, sweating as if they're dying and then they miraculously get well in a single night(or sometimes 2). A month ago, I was sick for an entire week with a persistent flu and a fever of up to 40C when it was at its worst. I've had plenty of colds that takes me up to 38c or 38.5c but I barely notice them and can do whatever I want to, that's the only type of stuff that takes one or two days to become good again and it's nothing that would knock me out even a little. Are their bodies different or do they have other viruses in japan? Hahaha, well, I guess that mangakas are just exaggerating to high heaven in order to get something to write about and the cliché "sick scenes" are quite popular.
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