Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!

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Vol. 7 Ch. 31 - Fuku-Kaichou and Him (During the Festival)
...Dude, does he have to be so hyperactive and annoying? I don't care if he confesses to her, it's not as if he has even a little chance, but he's truly obnoxious. The type you kind of want to punch in the face, like what the fuck are you smiling about? What's the reason for being so hyper? Also, even if you're hyper, don't go around suddenly touching or hugging people, at least not so intimately without their consent. Seems he's not that serious about her at all, people who act so hyper and happy-go-lucky never seems to be serious, I mean, look at his face as he ogles the other girl's rack just a few seconds after getting rejected... Truly makes me want to punch him. Especially since he doesn't know when to give up. If someone rejects you, you don't freaking ask again after a few minutes. Even if she somehow said yes after that, it just means that she's being forced into it and doesn't feel anything for him. The thing you could do is spend a lot of time together with her and THEN ask again, but trying to force her into it after already receiving a "no" a few minutes prior just makes me wonder if his brain is alright.

I wonder if the author is writing frustrating/irritating characters on purpose? If that's the case, well done, she succeeded :D

Anyway, japanese ---> chinese ----> english translation, huh? I kinda wonder how much that got lost in translation :P Well, it's usually good enough anyway, it's not as if this manga was ever about the story or dialogue anyway.