Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.

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Ch. 279 - America
Hey look tomar it's you
@squerl agreed on the "USSR" is short for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; "Russia" Thanks for the comments. Some may not want to read them or think this an appropriate forum, btu I appreciate it!
Americans the country that was united from the separate states of the that were in the Americas. Maybe other states are older shall not be searching right now but what would you suggest as a better abbreviation? Citizens of South Africa say they are South Africans, even though Zimbabwe, Zambia Lesotho etc are in Southern Africa. Americans also say they are North Americans which is separate from the term referring to the USA. Brazilians may say they are South American but doesn't mean they think they control South America.I do not get why some Americans seem to want to add to how supposedly oppressive, ignant, dismissive and more that the USA is. There is a lot exceptional about the USA, this is not one of them.

Yeah USA is massive and diverse. I have lived in DC, NYC and San Francisco. actually lived a few blocks from the 'burger park shack" that Komi gets clapped for in the next chapters. Currently in Nairobi and have known more people to have been victimized in Nairobi, both by police and randoms than in any of those other cities. Now depends on where you live. Some parts of Nairobi are just as safe as any of the safest in NYC. As safety just means no one violating you, which is a default state that requires nothing to really happen. I have a Rolls Royce Phantom that drove by slums of corrugated metal huts, pirated electricity , no running water and more etc. Sure if I walked By Elon Musk while in NYC there may be a bigger 'wealth gap' between the two of us, as the Phantom driver was likley not even a billionaire, but when it comes to poverty that's the floor.

There is almost no wealth gap in the slum. Everyone is around $2-5$ a day may be the general range of most people. bottom at $1 top at $20. This is with almost no 'welfare state/ social services.' Take that to the USA in a poor area. Lowest $10 a day. Mid range $20-$50. Highest few $200. Gaps from top earner to bottom is still 20 times. Middle class starts at $200 a day, mid range $3-500 highest $1,000. Top is 5 times more than bottom. Then upper class is $1,000 mid range 2,000-3,000 then above that is the top maybe .001% of the country? The absolute bottom remains at 0 but the top rises exponentially. In comparison it may be more money between them but quality of life is improved in most significant ways for those on the lower end as well.

Accurate on your estimation of New Yorkers. The CBD in general pre pandemic 1/4 of the people each day are tourists. Only similar place ive lived to that demographic wise was Rome Italy. And their general poke fun at then assist attitude was similar. especially if you made the attempt to speak any italian.
New yoku... Is that how they say it in Japanese... Just curious.
At the very least, thank you for NOT GOING TO CALIFORNIA OR HAWAII HOLY SHIT.
Okay that former President can just go die. Why would the school even let her be the tour guide when she has no qualifications and knowing full well how bad her character is and how much trouble she's caused (actually why let a student be the tour guide on a foreign trip in the first place? That is all kinds of irresponsible and just asking for something bad to happen and for some pissed off parents to sue the school; the more I think about it the more this just seems like A REALLY bad school and poorly planned trip).

@Aprianex That makes some things make less sense though. A prestigious advanced highschool let's minors loose in a foreign country only accompanied by a slightly older (and less responsible) minor? Also they should probably be speaking English better if the school is super advanced. Like at least one of them. Or maybe have at least one adult there that can fluently speak English and Japanese. Or just not a tour guide that threatens to leave students if they don't run errands for her. Or just like any level of standards or planning or responsibleness. This is the worst prestigious and advanced school I've ever seen.
It's accurate when you visit it as tourist, is like the Latin America when you visit it as a tourist vs when you live there meme.
The perspectives change when you live there and when you're just a tourist
Tadano said on Ch.1, Itan High is a prestigious school , it's also a well-known advanced high school..

So I wouldn't see why not they would not go to a different continent/country

Hmm, makes sense.. since a lot of them are brats
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Wow, I didn't expect to see an actual Shake Shack location.
Location references for the errands, based off my knowledge from visiting friends in NYC/US and the comments for r/manga [DISC] Komi 279 post:

Tadano - Clinton Street Baking Company: Local diner known for celebrating pancake month in February
Rumiko - Sugar Factory: American restaurant chain that does trendy/Instagrammable(?) milkshakes, sundaes, and cocktails
Badou - Sephora: International personal care and beauty behemoth
Toro - Rag & Bone: American fashion brand, per a guess by redditor /u/st_stutter based on the pronunciation. If someone else has a better guess, let me know.
Naruse - some souvenir shop, lol
Komi - Shake Shack: @stewmberto They actually have many international locations. In Japan, they have several locations in Greater Tokyo, two in Osaka, one in Kyoto, and one in Gotemba.
I hate that formore prez tss...
Well this is tame compared to the real NYC but whatever, at least they kept it wholesome.

On a side note
Can't wait what will happen if they go to brazil
Actually, as a New Yorker, being given hand-written orders like that would be out of the ordinary. If you are going to go in person, talking is preferred. Written orders are usually taken through the computer.

And to all the people talking down on NYC, downtown Manhattan is perfectly safe, and would no way anyone would let people get mugged or conned in the street in broad daylight. There are cops EVERYWHERE and people are always willing to help a tourist that looks lost. The subways are the only place you might have to be a bit more careful due to being a bit claustrophobic in some places, as well as having to wait for the train to arrive. Also, if you are a tourist, do not, I repeat, DO NOT do 2 things: stare at people, and take up space on the sidewalk. Staring is rude and people don't like being looked at like they have 2 heads. The sidewalks are also narrow and people walking on them have places to go; if you must stand still to look for directions, put your backs against a wall. If you want to take pictures of something, pray that you find an empty sidewalk to do it because people will get pissed off if you are in their walking space.
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0/10 A New Yorker wouldn't be surprised at something like someone writing their order
That class press needs to be exiled TO JERSEY CITY.
@squashua15 not yours it seems
what the fuck kind of school takes their students to another fucking continent for a school trip
This is the most unrealistic depiction of NYC I've ever seen.
yeah, this is murricah, dont be skuruu trippin now.
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