Rurouni Kenshin - Digital Colored Comics

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Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - The Fight Merchant
I didn't remember Sanosuke's arc was this early! Jolly good. My favourite character in the series.
Oh, great... Then I can start this I guess.
Thanks for your work!
I originally was going to only do 1 volume but I’ve been really enjoying this series so I’m gonna do more volumes. I’m gonna have to organize a discord server though if I want to continue at the same pace (since I’m working on other colored series too).
@KojoZero are you still on the plan to just upload only first volume?
I want to read it, but I'm not starting it because it wouldn't be fun if it goes on break after only first volume (I have no previous experience with reading/watching Rurouni kenshin, so this is gonna be my first read).
So, if you're really going for just one volume then I can hold it off for now. If you are planning for further, then I can start reading your releases.