Gokufuri Kyohi Shite Tesaguri Start! Tokka Shinai Healer, Nakama to Wakarete Tabi ni Deru

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Ch. 10
@PhoenixStriker5251 Monsters were already increasing BEFORE he did that...
This guy was clearly not a real gamer. He gets a new spell and just repeats the words over and over and then says, “Well, that’s all I can think of! Guess I’ll quit for now!”

First off, how about trying to summon that specific fairy. Because there’s probably a reason she gave you her name. Try something like “Summon Fairy Liselotte.” But sure, giving up works too.

Then again, this is the guy who screwed over his friends because he couldn’t be bothered to tell them how they were being manipulated (he didn’t even tell the girl who first pointed out they were being manipulated). He’s also the guy who is still running around in cloth robes, even though the rest of his party has told him that real adventuring spellcasters use light armor.
Is he sleeping in full gear? That looks uncomfortable.
Even in an isekai, he can't escape the 9 to 5
Dude needs to figure out how to summon the fairy, not simply give up after a single evening. Of course it's entirely possible the fairy only appears when she wants to appear, so it might not be up to Rook.

@PhoenixStriker5251 As I recall it, the monsters were already spawning more before they travelled to that village.
Poor Rook he might get hooked on painkillers now...

When not summoned for a long time, some summoned creatures become depressed and want to destroy cities :D
I wonder if Fairy A wants to destroy cities.
> I guess the Old man saying the three team members lacking something is a "Dream Big" thing after all.
If you want to be successful, most of the time, the requirements are
1. Luck
2. Inherently blessed in that field
3. Knowledge Base
4. IQ as an adventurer (even you had an Einsten level IQ, it will not help you that much in fighting without an Adventurer's attribute)
5. Clear Goal.

In this case, the Goal of them was to become an adventurer, and live as an adventurer.
What the old man says must be, where do they want to go as an adventurer and what do they want to risk at being an adventurer.
Being an adventurer, the most successful and the role model after all are the A or S rank after all.
They didnt even become an A or S rank for being an adventure, right from the start, they had the aptitude, attitude, behavior, discipline and clear goals in mind on how to do it.
@PhoenixStriker5251 Well it was actually "Disturb the flowers as little as possible" and "Do not dirty the stone pillar". He was mindfull with his steps and he even purified the stone pillar, so I don't think he has broken the rules.
He's stagnating or something like that
Excited to see what is next!
Hi. I'm a fairy! Well, bye.

Can't say I blame her. Another damn herb quest
"Don't step on the flowers!"
steps on the flowers

"Don't touch the special stone pillar."
Touches the stone pillar, triggering an event with unknown ramifications...

"Monster spawns in the close area are suddenly increasing. I feel like something bad's about to happen."
Gee, I wonder why??!