It Looks Like I've Fallen into the World of a Reverse Harem Game

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Ch. 6
At least we got an angel here :'D
man idk that nandricka guy kinda suss- maybe i just been reading too much drama recently
i'm not going to read the comments first. I hope no one's going to call her weak for not killing Yuriel while disregarding the fact that she came from a world much like our own, where killing is , you know, looked upon as evil.

Edit: Okay, I checked. Only a few people said that. I'm glad the other readers were understanding.
I love Nadricka, hope he isn't faking it.
Cute one as end game for once pls.
I'm afraid that this sweet blond is putting a facade....i love sweet ml but in this game this character seems so fake ๐Ÿ˜ณ
what's wrong with this mc?

prev chap : imma kill
next chap be liek : nah imma saint can't do

if you're not gonna kill just don't
don't go around saying strong shits and then weakening and stepped back and ugh

the translators' team didn't help too
bashing all except the inconsistent weak transmigrated mc

as a player that's just how you play
ya sure can spare the villainness life if ya play such game?
like why would you play anyway?????
basically got cursed at for trying to defeat the last boss
for the player this is just a game, who would know a living person transmigrated as one of the chara lolz
crazy bashing

and another thing about characters, the princess is cruel to that robia guy
and even said to them blatantly to go fuck other girls lolz
that's what he did
why the hate?
man i pitied him you(robia) have to move on quick or smth

that nadrickaughwhatshisname guy is kind to the princess since the princess is probably the kindest? to him
or he's just too innocent or too lonely or whatev that he don't have a backbone that he still be kind unconditinally without any orders

and suddenly mc be like "nadrck you gud boy you kind to meh since beginning"
of course he would as my reasoning above!!!
don't bash other guys if you just want to make the other guy stand out like OH MY wordsssssssssss
is the guy you're trying to uplevel so low they cant uplevel theirself???????
that blonde guy is prob good too without bashing other guys
and it's not like even other guys that got bashed left right up and down are even all that bitch ugh so tiring
what's wrong with this mc

and like, cant someone ask, where is the real princess?????!!!!!!!!
no one ask in this story as well grrr

the plot is good too damn
i thought they'd even have comedy using that "player" plot
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I hope nadricka is putting on a fake show, he is the sweetest one so far even though he was exploited by the princess
Damn. Feels bad, man. But Nadricka’s still the best so far
so far the only decent one is nadricka.... is there gonna be a new, better love interest, or those are all the men from the cover?
@PaperSun True. Although personally I could never rest easy knowing that someone in my own backyard could try to off me at any time of day ๐Ÿ˜†
@Burbz I took it as her wanting to have a vague idea of where she was and what she was up to outside of the prompts. If she's outside the castle but worms her way back in that introduces a lot of outside factors that are harder to plan for.
Ya. You heard her, Nadricka. Immediately.
Wait why didn't she kick Yuriel out? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Also Robia's backstory is so damn sad why ๐Ÿ˜–
I wish Nadricka is the ML. He's the only pure one!
Yes treat the sugar boy
i dont like any of them
@Shroov05 I'm not criticizing Robia for sleeping with multiple women, I'm criticizing him for claiming he only cares about one woman while sleeping with others. Not only that, he doesn't listen to what the Empress is saying or what she wants; he pins her down and tries to rape her because she didn't summon him to her room. If that's not insane I don't know what is. And yes, what he tried to do was rape. "Body langauge" doesn't matter if she explicitly says no, which she does. What you're basically saying right now is "she was asking for it." Why are you defending this character anyways? All he's done is whine and act like an incel; bitching because the woman he wants to sleep with doesn't want to have sex with him. How is that likeable in any way?
Nadrika's so adorable! So far he's my favorite!

I re-read the chapter to make sure that we get the same gist, after pinning her down which her entire body language seems to not mind as she speaks sternly back at him arguing that she sleeps with someone else, Robian then said 'Lets sleep together tonight' the princess then only able to utter the word 'What' outloud because he passed out right after.

I don't deny that he actually fell for Yulia's 'affection', he is hungry for love and is eager to receieve this from anyone that gave it to him, since he couldn't receive it from the Princess. He latches onto anyone and that happens to be the game protagonist.

If we are reprimanding Robian for sleeping with someone else, then the way the Princess lives should be look down as well. She literally has countless men beside her harem to sleep with. She was the epitome of horny (The real one, may i add). Is it because she was a ruthless killer and has been that way before all of this hence its excusable as well ? Out of all points, raging at Robian for sleeping with one woman but ignores that she slept around is.... that one talking point i can't seem to accept.
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