Takayukashiki Shoujo

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Vol. 3 Ch. 31
@Hezkezl What I ought or oughtn't decide to complain about is none of your business. Besides, regardless what glaring issue I decided to complain about, you'd always raise one I didn't complain about anyway, would you not? Oh, and just because I didn't mention issue X doesn't mean I ignored it. Maybe I simply decided that one was enough rather than acting like a colossal windbag like you did.
Romaji written Japanese names should broken at each Kanji! Right?! :P

@baconcat - If you're really going to sit here and bitch about something as trivial as a name being broken up as 'Mat-suko' instead of 'ma-tsu-ko'... How come you're not complaining about a lack of punctuation in the majority of the bubbles? Periods are a thing, as are em dashes, commas, and many other things besides an exclamation point or question mark. How about the incorrect usage of "safe" vs "save"? How about the arbitrary usage of an ellipsis between bubbles on one page, while its not used at all anywhere else? That's far more of an egregious error than the incorrect hyphenation of a word to break it up. Choosing the "GAH YOU BAD TS SO UNPROFESSIONAL BECAUSE YOU BROKE THIS NAME UP INCORRECTLY~!@#" hill to die on when there are a ton of other glaring issues that are far more noticeable...is an extremely odd choice and really shows that you're just bitching about one individual thing that irks you, rather than using any kind of actual standard to judge this chapter. Claiming "no professional TS would dare deliver such shoehorned garbage" on the name thing and ignoring everything else that's incorrect about this...is really, REALLY kinda funny.

@SoaringPegasus - thank you for the chapter! I wondered what had happened to this series due to the ~2 months since the last release. Good to know it wasn't dropped by your group! I'm guessing from the sudden jump up in story I'm assuming that it's been given notice that it's being dropped from the publisher...which is a bit sad, but maybe it's for the best :\ Do try to ignore the ranting by baconcat about the way your letterer decided to linebreak the name. There can sometimes be difficult decisions to make when it comes to that, and usually people pick the choice they think is right. It wasn't done maliciously, and getting upset about it is funny to an outside observer. Minor things such as comments arguing about whether a bubble should say "Mat-suko-nee chan!" instead of "Ma-tsu-ko-nee chan!" is something that you really shouldn't take to heart.
@JJTheWeeb Well, it's arguably not "better" if it's broken willy-nilly. Line-breaking rules don't exist for no reason, they are specifically there to keep reading flow up when breaking is unavoidable. Syllable borders, word stems, prefixes, suffixes … more or less in that order. Ignoring this approach and thinking it somehow doesn't apply because it's manga or because it's a non-English name or because the TS has toothache or because it's raining outside or whatever is just ignorance and laziness. No professional TS would dare deliver such shoehorned garbage; and before you say, "but this isn't professional": Generally, things are professional when they are good enough, things aren't automatically good because they are done professionally. And good TS isn't fitting bubbles first and only using a sledgehammer, it's providing high readability first while still fitting the picture. And high readability is-

I get it, it's no easy challenge, but taking the blunt way out is just cheap.
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@baconcat i think they split it for spacing, since mat- and suko are both 4 characters. notice that on page 14 it's split matsu- and ko-nee, both 6 characters and split with the japanese syllables.

Typesetters make the text fit properly and legible, and for latin characters, line-breaks can ignore the japanese syllables if it makes it look better.
Seriously, what is it with you "typesetters" that line-break within the Japanese syllable "tsu"??? If anything, it's "Ma-tsu-ko", not "Mat-su-ko", ffs! Get it right already! You of all people should know this!
they die become MC was one fucking dumbass damn now i am really mad >:(