Isekai Kenkokuki

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Vol. 1 Ch. 7
holy shit it's yami from black clover
when you play minecraft with the bois
Giving everything blessings like this appears to be a real plot device for "No ideas".

Can't speak the language? Here have this blessing.
How did you give me that? I have this blessing.
Do I have any blessings? Yes I can see what blessing you have.
How? I have a blessing that sees blessings.
What blessing do I have? Kings blessing.
What does it do? Everything and whatever.

As confusing and dumb as this is I still think its vastly superior to the magic game status window the other ones use. Only in the case of the Spider Isekai where the MC doesn't have any other characters to bounce off of does it feel like it works. But the others you notice the writer forgets about it or power creeps it. Then you got magic man walking around with a warehouse of stuff in an invisible bag saying he needs to make a living as an adventurer when he is a literal walking transportation company.
Yeah, I though those ages were weird already when they were introduced. Each and every one of them looks older than their stated age. I reckon after a few years Tetra will look like a perfect young lady. If they spend a lot of time together, Almus might lose his modern common sense and start to think like the ancient people did, which didn't include the arbitrarily set age of 18 for anything. In the first place, people were often quity ready to die when they turned 40-50, so starting to make children a few years earlier was also common sense, considering more than half of the children dying before reaching adulthood (not our adulthood of 18, sooner) was to be expected.
Isn't Almus physically 12??? There is no way Yuria is around the same age lmao. Actually everyone looks older than they are, especially Tetra. Dunno how I feel about her being treated as as romantic interest when he's mentally 20...