Edomae Elf

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Vol. 1 Ch. 9 - The Edomae Elf and the Tokyoite Girl
Koma-chan so cool
Yep what a lady killer she is. ahahaha.
Maybe she should not-so-subtly ask her followers to donate Frog TankTM merchandise/memorabilia as potential offerings.
Seriously?!?!?!?!?! Was she had a possession of Credit card or Debit card? She just casually mentioned online buying.... Hahahahaha

Ways to make money out of Elda Sensei.
Her Stats as of now
> Strength: Evangelism of things she love
> Weakness: Shyness, Shut-In

Money Route:
Youtuber using Avatar rather than her true form (although she may casually reveal herself from time to time, but professionally she will stream with an avatar)
1. Toys collector - Historian
2. Idea's how to collect such toys, where to find, how to find, what the difference, why the toys got so much ruckus in the collector world and many more
3. Game streaming
4. Hobby talk show
5. Influencers
7. Blogger
8. Authoring an articles about toys, in any hobby.

She can actually pull in viewership if she will casually talks in front of the camera and not in live audience.
Just how powerful her Macbook Pro???? At least its the latest design and can do graphics and video edit...
thank god for lesbian isekai
The feel of gacha is strong in this chapter.
It's that Dragon Quest 3 I suppose ? Lol

OH WOW! SHE REALLY IS A LADY KILLER! careful now hahahaha (actually, go on... I want more).

Ah, the origin of gatcha... interesting, I learned a lot today unexpectedly
Koma had f/u/ture
So this story is actually about best friend's harem.

I'm okay with this.
@xSauriaNx Yes
Sold 3.9 million copies.
Lady killer confirmed. Hide your daughters๐Ÿ˜†
wait... DQ3 really had a long line? not surprised...


true dat...
Historical figures aren't rare gacha pulls

"FGO laughs in the distance"