Japanese JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7 - Steel Ball Run

  • 9.46
  • 380
  • 34,359
  • 2

In the American Old West, the world's greatest race is about to begin. Thousands line up in San Diego to travel over six thousand kilometers for a chance to win the grand prize of fifty million dollars. With the era of the horse reaching its end, contestants are allowed to use any kind of vehicle they wish. Competitors will have to endure grueling conditions, traveling up to a hundred kilometers a day through uncharted wastelands. The Steel Ball Run is truly a one-of-a-kind event.

The youthful Johnny Joestar, a crippled former horse racer, has come to San Diego to watch the start of the race. There he encounters Gyro Zeppeli, a racer with two steel balls at his waist instead of a gun. Johnny witnesses Gyro using one of his steel balls to unleash a fantastical power, compelling a man to fire his gun at himself during a duel. In the midst of the action, Johnny happens to touch the steel ball and feels a power surging through his legs, allowing him to stand up for the first time in two years. Vowing to find the secret of the steel balls, Johnny decides to compete in the race, and so begins his bizarre adventure across America on the Steel Ball Run.

Japanese Rohan at the Louvre

  • 8.50
  • 63
  • 964

As Rohan, a young Japanese manga artist, is drawing, he meets a mysterious, beautiful woman who tells him of a cursed 200-year-old painting. The painting was created using the blackest ink ever known, which came from a 1,000-year-old tree that the painter had cut down without the approval of the Emperor. The painter was executed for this, but the painting was saved from destruction by a curator of the Louvre. A decade later, Rohan visits Paris and asks the museum to unearth the painting from deep within its archives—but he is completely unprepared for the power of the curse he has unleashed.

Japanese JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 - JoJolion

  • 8.73
  • 1,497
  • 83,294
  • 6

Eighth story arc of JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken series.

Following the Great East Japan earthquake, Morioh has been stricken by vast earthen protrusions known by the locals as Wall Eyes. Despite investigation, professional estimations are left empty. Meanwhile, the young girl Yasuho Hirose discovers a man buried within the ground, he possesses a distinctive star-shaped birthmark together with deeply penetrating bite marks. The man, who has contracted a staple case of amnesia is taken in by a local family and given the name Jousuke Higashikata, however mysterious events cannot stop from piling one upon the other and soon that enigma known as stand emerges to complement the great cloud of confusion.

Japanese JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 - Vento Aureo

  • 8.92
  • 464
  • 58,133
  • 8

Naples, 2001. Giorno Giovanna is a small-time crook with one big dream—to become a "Gang-Star." No ordinary thief, Giorno has a connection to the remarkable Joestar bloodline, and possesses a Stand named Gold Experience. His dream starts to become reality when he meets Bruno Buccellati, a mobster from the gang Passione and a fellow Stand user himself. Realizing that they share similar ideals, and both disagree with the gang's harmful affairs, Giorno reveals his goal to Bruno: with Bruno's help, he will reform Passione by overthrowing the boss.

As Giorno becomes a member of Passione, and is inducted into Bruno's squad, he discovers that it is no simple gang; its numbers are teeming with Stand users. Now confronted by other squads of differing loyalties and unpredictable caliber, their goal to change the gang from the inside out will be a tough one. Taking on these adversaries, Giorno attempts to rise through the ranks and inch closer to the boss, a man who is shrouded in mystery.

Japanese Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI

  • 8.33
  • 42
  • 1,067
  • 1

Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI is a new full-color one-shot manga starring Jolyne Cujoh featured in the February 2013 issue of Shueisha's women's fashion magazine, Spur. "Jolyne, fly high with GUCCI" features the protagonist of Part VI: Stone Ocean, Jolyne Cujoh and 3 Vento Aureo's characters: Leone Abbachio ,Bruno Buccellati ,& Polpo. This is the second JJBA-Related one-shot published in that magazine.

The story starts in a airport, where Jolyne is waiting for a plane for Tokyo. Ten days beforehand, her mother died from a illness. Jolyne is later seen thinking about how her mother made her clothing to fit Jolyne before she died. Then, Jolyne turns to see a small blue unicorn looking at her, with three men close by. Two men, revealed to be Buccellati & Abbachio, are goverment agents while the other, Polpo, was a citizen who lost a pet. Buccellati says that the animal is very important to the goverment & asks to search Jolyne. After she refuses, Buccellati looks at the survaillence where Jolyne is seen with the pet, shown to be the unicorn she saw earlier. The unicorn is seen bleeding, leading Buccellati to warn Polpo about the consequences of potenitally harming it. Then, Jolyne is seen kneeling down in front of the camera, when she gets up, the unicorn has disappeared. Buccellati corners Jolyne to hand it over or to be arrested. Jolyne, confused & in tears, still refuses saying that it would be all alone in a strange country. When Buccellati goes to apprehend her, he notices the unicorn on her scarf. Jolyne realizes that it is a dream, that also have given her newfound hope in herself. She comes to the conclusion that the dream is a message, it is also power.

Japanese Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

  • 8.29
  • 175
  • 5,836

A series of oneshots which focus on Rohan Kishibe, an eccentric mangaka that appeared in Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable.

Kishibe Rohan is a mangaka with the ability to read people's memories -- a power he refers to as "Heaven's Door". He seeks out the supernatural to see for himself what his mysterious skills are all about, and to bring more realism into his manga.

1. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #16: At a Confessional
2. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #02: Mutsukabeza
3. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #05: Village of Millionaires
4. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #06: Poaching Reef
5. Extra: Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci
6. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #04: Mochizuki Family's Moon Viewing
7. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #07: Monday Sunshower
8. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #09: D - N - A
9. Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe - Episode #10: The Run

Japanese Oingo Boingo Brothers Adventure

  • 8.00
  • 26
  • 915

The original Tohth book stand of Oingo's from the Stardust Crusaders arc of the long running series JoJo's Bizarre Adventures is here! Watch out while reading, it's predictions never fail.

Japanese The Lives of Eccentrics

  • 9.75
  • 34
  • 985

Explore the lives of the famous-yet-not-so-famous people of history; such as Nikola Tesla, Ty Cobb, Typhoid Mary, the woman behind the Winchester Mystery House, Kou Yoshio, and many more.

Series of one-shots published between 1989-2003, released a tanko volume in 2004 and a bunko release in 2012.

(Art by Araki Hirohiko and Onikubo Hirohisa; all stories by Araki Hirohiko)

Japanese Gorgeous Irene

  • 8.50
  • 26
  • 916

Irene is a professional assassin who is able to transform into any type of woman using her 'make-up' power, but instead of killing in cold blood, she uses her abilities for good.

This also features Araki's debut work 'Armed Poker', and his other early works 'Meet Virginia' and 'Cool Shock B.T.' Some earlier prints also include 'Outlaw Man', but not the one shown here.

Japanese Cool Shock B.T.

  • 8.50
  • 17
  • 763

The creator of Baoh and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure presents a manga about magic and mysteries! You'll meet him at 13:13 pm, on Friday the 13th. He'll do an uncanny intro where he plays a trick on you! And wherever he goes, trouble seems to always follow. Who is this person who creates such incidents? None other than Cool Shock BT!

Japanese JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6 - Stone Ocean

  • 8.47
  • 375
  • 36,970
  • 2

Sixth story arc of JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken series.

The story of Jotaro kujo's daughter, Jolyne Cujoh. She is framed for a murder and ends up in the Green Dolphin Street Prison. She is given an amulet inherited from her father, which cuts her hand and unlocks her Stand ability, Stone Free, which allows her to unravel her body into living string. The string can form a humanoid Stand within 2 meters of her body, and can extend further as string. In the prison, she soon becomes uneasy allies with fellow convicts and Stand users Hermes (Kiss) and Foofighters.

Japanese Under Execution, Under Jailbreak

  • 9.11
  • 88
  • 3,673
  • 1

A collection of stories by Hirohiko Araki:

1. Under Execution, Under Jailbreak
The story of a jailed man and his attempted escapes.

2. Dolce and his Master
A cat and a man on a sinking yacht attempt to secure resources from each other

3. Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Episode 16: At A Confessional
The first Rohan one shot, a spinoff of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable, centering on the continued adventures of Rohan Kishibe.

4. Dead Man's Questions
A ghost wanders a town in search of both his mission and his memories. Related to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable.

Japanese JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1 - Phantom Blood

  • 8.58
  • 332
  • 12,076
  • 2

First story arc of JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken series.

Jonathan Joestar, a young wealthy son living in Victorian England, has his life destroyed by a recently orphaned Dio Brando, who was taken in by Jonathan's father. Dio, who plots to drive Jonathan to insanity and inherit the Joestar fortune, becomes an unstoppable vampire that Jonathan must fight.

Japanese Adidas Manga Fever

  • 0.00
  • 10
  • 1,393

Book with manga & illustrations from Japanese and international artists for the FIFA World Cup 2002.

  • Lust for Life
  • About a tale of a football shoes as it is used/travelled from one user to the next.

  • Those Who Will Never Return
  • About a girl name Tchie as she reminsces the time she had with her two best friends.

Japanese Baoh Raihousha

  • 8.20
  • 31
  • 1,263

From the same creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Baoh is a powerful bioweapon with human strength and other abilities, such as firing a corrosive substance, in a teenager body who escapes with Violet from Judas Laboratory and must face various assassins sent by the organization to kill him.

Japanese JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders

  • 8.91
  • 263
  • 12,127
  • 3

In 1989, Joseph Joestar arrives in Japan to meet his troubled grandson Joutarou Kuujou at the request of his daughter Holly. Joutarou has locked himself in a jail cell out of fear that an evil spirit is possessing him and that he may cause harm to others. However, Joseph reveals the truth to Joutarou: this "spirit" is really a "Stand," a physical manifestation of one's fighting spirit. What's more, Joseph and his companion Mohammed Avdol possess Stands of their own and have learned to control them with ease.

Joseph's arrival comes with another piece of news: an old family enemy has returned from the grave, causing the Stands of the Joestar family to awaken. However, when a Stand manifests within Holly, her inability to cope with it leaves her gravely ill, stirring the men into action.

Armed with the power of Stands, a globe-trotting adventure from Japan to Egypt—where their adversary resides—begins. Meeting an array of nefarious Stand users along the way, as well as new allies, the team leads a crusade to save Holly and put an end to their enemy for good.

Japanese JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 - Battle Tendency

  • 9.00
  • 251
  • 8,381
  • 1

Second story arc of JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken series.

Takes place in the 1930s, and follows the misadventures of Joseph Joestar, the grandson of Jonathan Joestar, as he fights vampires and ancient super beings with some help from a cybernetically-enhanced Nazi and an Italian man he has a lot in common with.

Japanese JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 - Diamond is Unbreakable

  • 9.32
  • 277
  • 12,943
  • 1

In 1999, Joutarou Kuujou arrives at the Japanese town of Morioh for two reasons: to meet his illegitimate uncle Jousuke Higashikata and investigate a potentially dangerous Stand user. Only minutes after he arrives does he accomplish his first goal; however, Joutarou finds that Jousuke is not only a much younger high school student, but he possesses a Stand of his own called Crazy Diamond. Not long after their meeting, the two make a startling discovery: someone is using a supernatural bow and arrow to create Stand users around Morioh.

When Jousuke witnesses the threat that this poses, he resolves to protect his town and stop the spread of lethal Stand users. Finding both allies and enemies among these users, Jousuke learns just how much one's personal interests and ambitions can be reflected in their Stands, and the resulting harm or virtue it brings. As they continue to investigate, they begin to unearth the shocking history of Morioh, bringing forth hidden dangers and a mystery from years past.

Japanese Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci

  • 10.00
  • 23
  • 637

A short story published in the October 2011 issue of the fashion magazine Spur, in which the mangaka mixes advertising for Gucci products with a little supernatural flavour courtesy of Kishibe Rohan and his grandmother's old traveling bag.<br />