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As working woman and plant fanatic Sayaka Kōno was heading home from a drinking party, she found a handsome man sitting in front of her apartment who says, "Please bring me home with you," like a dog. With no place for the unnamed man to go, the two begin living together, and their "delicious" love story begins.
  • -- (5.00)
  • 13
  • 573
The seven seconds we fell in love, the fifteen minutes we spent holding hands while going home, and the two weeks we spent together. They're all my lifelong memories. How will this limited time love develop...?
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  • 16
  • 986

In a world similar to ours, a select few individuals are able to develop extra-ordinary abilities. After a period of chaos and destruction known as “The Dark Days”, the world nations decided the best way to manage this phenomenal was to create a nation that could monitor and contain these individuals. This nation was called the Almier nation. Individuals with supernatural abilities (known as flame users) have to join the Almier nation and successfully become an Almier before they are allowed back to their normal lives. If they refuse or cannot achieve the status of Almier, these individuals are permanently sealed away from their abilities and can no longer access them.

A small group of flame users who do not wish to be monitored or contained by the Almier set out to take down the nation. At the same time the Almier Nation decides it can do much more than just monitor extra-ordinary humans. It decides it can help to achieve world peace and begins trying to convince the world of this via diplomatic means.
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  • 1
  • 480
In this series:

1. Akuryou no Iru Kyoushitsu (悪霊のいる教室)
2. Kuro no Yuuwaku 1 (黒の誘惑 1)
3. Kuro no Yuuwaku 2 (黒の疑惑 2)
4. Marionette no Uchi (マリオネットの家)
5. Bloody Birthday (ブラッディバースデイ)
6. Gensou Game (幻想ゲー� )
7. Ankoku no Fuuin (暗黒の封印)
8. Shinkirou no Hate ni (蜃気楼の果てに)
9. Kieta Idol (消えたアイドル)
10. Majidoku no Sakebi (� �毒の叫び)
11. Datenshi no Bishou (� �天使の微笑)
12. Ikai no Dungeon (異界のダンジョン)
13. Tenshi no Haoto (天使の羽音)
14. Yogensha 1 (� �言者 1)
15. Yogensha 2 (� �言者 2)
16. Makai no Sasoi (� �界の誘い)
17. Last Dance (ラスト・ダンス)
18. Iku to Shinu no Aida ni (生と� �の間に)
19. Yomigaeru Majotachi (甦る� �女たち)
20. Meguru Inochi (めぐる生命)
21. Toraware no Hanshin (囚われの半身)
22. Yuuhei no Tobira (幽閉の扉)
23. Haruka na Ji e (遥かな地へ)
24. Ushinawareta Seichi (失われた聖地)
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  • 706
Uno was bullied when he was in elementary school. Even after many years, he can't forget it. Suddenly that bully, Okada, shows up at his work as a patient. Uno is surprised to see him, but it doesn't look like Okada recognizes him. Is he still the same as in the past? What will Uno do when Okada asks him to date him? Will Uno be bullied again or will he finally get revenge??
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  • 3
  • 634
He's in the same class, but she's only talked to him a few times. Whenever their eyes meet, Naho can't look away. Their relationship heats up quietly... Ai witnesses them together and takes an action that ends up changing her friendship with her guy friend, Shun.


Tsuki wo Dakishimeru
Next to You
The Night of the Shooting Stars
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  • 1
  • 610
Kyoko had planned to confess to Kenta, only to hear from him about his crush on a close friend. To stay by his side, Kyoko can only hide her feelings and act as Kenta's love advisor...

Also includes 2 other short stories.
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  • 11
  • 884
Oneshot set in stories you will see how each developed his love couple but this will not be easy but will have to fight for his love prevails.
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  • 1
  • 622
The detective Dinan aboards into the Carota ship, where's taking place the royal family wedding. Meanwhile he investigates the butler Morel, the reason why he took place and got hired by Sebastian Dragomiroff, the president of the world government.
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  • 544
Conheça Kitamura, gerente de loja de conveniência, 31 anos com boa aparência normal e bom gosto normal, um emprego normal e um rendimento normal, ele sente uma quantidade normal de infelicidade em seu relacionamento normal com uma mulher normal. Espera! Há um sinal de tempestade em sua vida vazia. Conheça Minamihara, mais jovem e trabalhador a tempo parcial. Minamihara vive com ousadia e coragem. E ele é a tempestade que joga a vida e o coração de Kitamura em direções inesperadas.
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  • 4
  • 757
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  • 8
  • 522
Hot Blooded high school teen, a mysterious female swordsman, and an unpredictable dark emo girl. Its impossible to distinguish between reality and the game world ! What kind of conspiracy is awaiting them in super journey of the world!
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  • 20
  • 693
Asahi is a graduate student, who suddenly had to take care of his older sister’s child Masaki. (5)
He was shopping for dinner in a supermarket. Troubled by his tight living expenses, he coincidentally met and received assistance from his childhood friend Nishino, who he hasn’t seen for 6 years.
The family of 3 men just happened as they went with the flow, but somehow Nishino’s skinship is
crossing some lines?

No, you can’t! There’s a child watching us?!
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  • 506
Tried to draw an idea I had in an interesting way.

All hand drawn on A4 paper. G pen, ink.
Scanned and toned in Photoshop.
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  • 657
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  • 34
  • 825
Love is one of the hardest things to find in life. But for a loser like Sil it's even harder. Find out who she falls for.
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  • 426
Ara - a pretty high school student - finally gets the chance to cozy up to the guy of her dreams, but she blows it and ends up kissing the wrong boy under fairly compromised circumstances. Hilarious complications, mistaken identities, and misinterpreted signals ensue, and Ara soon finds herself being backed into an arranged marriage she at first wants no part of...
But, as we all know, love has a way of blooming in the unlikeliest of places... and, of course, love eventually conquers all!
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  • 387
It was cold in the tropics....

And it seemed to get colder every time Conrad DeVere looked Emma Belle's way. The feeling was mutual. Emma thought Conrad was the most unlikable man she'd ever met.

Conrad viewed Emma as a scheming gold digger--a woman who intended to use her position as researcher to Alistair Jackson to part the elderly millionaire from his money.

Emma was prepared to live with Conrad's freezing contempt--he must never know the real reason she'd come to Tobago. But she wasn't prepared for the rush of jealousy that struck her when she learned of Conrad's engagement!
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  • 2
  • 263
After being abandoned by his lover (male), Motomi vowed to become an artist and was brought home by Nueno Koji, the artist he admires. That night while resting in Koji's room, Motomi accidentally saw what was going on in his neighbor's house through the window, and unexpectedly it evoked uncontrollable excitement and lust...?!
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  • 83
  • 1,172
"I can't get caught... not until I become human again!"

Original Webtoon
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  • 56
  • 624
In the future, the world is managed by a network called the Fractale System. A boy named Crane is living an aimless life with his parents, who are actually computer-generated "Doppels". One day, he runs into a pretty girl named Furyune, who is being pursued by someone. When he rescues her and helps to keep her hidden from her pursuers, he is pulled into her troubles as well. After meeting her, his life will never be the same!
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  • 2
  • 498
Take a peak through the charming border of life into the world of Gensokyo.... if you dare (fufufu).
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  • 13
  • 722
A Japanese girl is sold off to a South American business tycoon who takes her away to this foreign land. Here, he seduces her and the two slowly fall into a love trap. But while this occurs, another force interrupts the two’s love-web. A revolution and rebellion starts to take away, separating the two.
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  • 621
Collection of 4 short stories:

1) Kanon
Kanon Matsukura is a high school sophomore. Her name is based on her father's favorite classical "Kanon"... One day in school while she was walking down the hallway she hears "Kanon" being played. It was her math teacher Azume playing it on the piano awkwardly. Since then, "Kanon" keeps playing in Kanon's head. A touching story of a high school girl in love!

2) Happy Rain
Tsubasa can't confess to her basketball player Sugita directly, so she asks his teammate to pass him a present instead. Later, she takes shelter from the rain and runs into Sugita's teammate again. Can fifteen minutes in a waiting shed be enough to change one's course in life?

3) Bang!!
Shinyama sees Daiyumi holding a gun to her head and jumps down the stairs to stop her from committing suicide; but it is only a toy gun... Shinyama hurts his right hand and Daiyumi feels obliged to help him taking lesson notes. What does Shinyama feel towards Daiyumi, is it only pity or is it something else?

4) Santa is Coming
Inaba is always teasing Ayumi about not being able to get a boyfriend. In anger she lashes out that she does in fact have plans to meet a boy the next day; when she is really only baby sitting her nephew. What shall she do when she runs into Inaba taking her nephew to the game center!?
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  • 5
  • 1,188
Akane Nonomura is a 1st year student in high school with a loud voice, body, and dreams. One day, Akane cried while reading a line from a script she accidentally received with an invitation from Kazuma to join the drama club. Now, she takes the stage as the lead in the play...!
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  • 12
  • 713
Xiao Mei is a normal high school girl whose hobbies are reading and drawing manga. To encourage her because of her failed love confession, Xiao Zhu gave her a makeover. However, after the photography club's president took pictures of her and published them in the school magazine 'CLOVER', she becomes the 'MYSTERY BEAUTY' the whole school's looking for!

Includes a 80 page extra.
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  • 10
  • 668
A comic anthology done by various mangaka based on the game, Tales of Symphonia.
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  • 476
Prequel to Takumi-kun Series
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  • 9
  • 759
Another collection of short stories by Kayono involving strange worlds.

1) Secretly a Woman (Shinobi no Onna) -
By day she's an ambiguous high school girl, but by night...she transforms into a super-hot male host (gigolo)! Yes, Yuka is "Secretly a Woman," but then a woman named Renka comes to the host club and steals both her body and her heart...!?

2) Butterfly Night -
From Kayono's "Arabian Nights" series. Princess Sheherazade is sent to marry a vile sultan in order to keep him from conquering her father's kingdom, but she's kidnapped en route by the masked Devil Mariam, who will do what it takes to exact revenge against the sultan -- including stealing the virginity of the sultan's pretty bride-to-be...! Published in Chokotto Abunai Koimonogatari.

3) Lovers in the Tower that Touches Heaven -
Ruby, Baghdad's top dancer, is waiting for Jank to return home. When he does, he tells her that he only escaped death by promising Garuda, a carnivorous devil living in the desert, that he could have Ruby for one week. What will happen to Ruby?!
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  • 553
Imai, who belongs the baseball club, has feelings for his clumsy kouhai, Hikita. Hikita, whose face falls into a continuous scowl when he's nervous... That kind of Hikita is cute, nothing else to it.

"When you're this cute, I'm the one who has to be careful..."

Even while touching in this helpful senpai's heart of hearts, he wants to touch Hikita's naked body...?!
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  • 39
  • 1,045
From MangaHelpers:

One day, an ordinary high-school girl named Minase Youmu is kidnapped up in the mountains. Her kidnappers claim that she has taken some kind of "medicine" and that there's no going back. Luckily, though, a former detective named Sanpouji Kotetsu happens to pass by where she is being held, and rescues her. Kotetsu hastily gets the underage girl to the police, where the investigator Naru Asuka and her 'psychic' partner Hayama Reiichi take on the girl's case. Asuka, Reiichi and Kotetsu have to figure out who took Youmu--and what was done to her--before it's too late (if it isn't already)! [tethysdust]
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  • 23
  • 959
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  • 5
  • 651
Miki Terayama saved Teru from getting roughed up by some punks. They're both in love with other guys... but one thing leads to another, and they're fooling around. Teru acts like a stray dog that hasn't been fed in ten days. He consumes Miki's love quick and rough and that can be quite a pain in the butt!
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  • 474
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  • 15
  • 654
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  • 561
Pairing: Yuuri x Wolfram

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