Japanese Kimi no Tame nara Shineru

  • 7.71
  • 204
  • 2,863
  • 4

The 27-year-old Shonagon, depicted here as a sort of medieval NEET, manages to land a job as the private tutor of a beautiful and refined 13-year-old, Princess Teishi. There are also a number of other quirky court ladies, some of whom have their eyes on Shonagon.

Japanese Shouraiteki ni Shinde Kure

  • 7.79
  • 1,300
  • 27,677
  • 20

A girl tries to "buy" her female classmate with money.

Japanese YuruYuri

  • 8.67
  • 926
  • 16,317
  • 5

Four mischievous girls illegally occupy the former Traditional Tea Ceremony clubroom, in order to create the "Amusement Club." These scamps...who ignore repeated warnings—in direct rebellion with the righteous directives of the Student Council—decide to remain in the room until they finally get off their bums and do something! In this slightly sluggish manga, full of fits and starts, the four girls set off from their homes for a walk together with days full of a little this and that!

Japanese Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid

  • 9.14
  • 437
  • 9,724
  • 3

Four years have passed since the resolution of the "JS" incident of Urban Terrorism. The "6th Mobile Unit" has been dissolved. Its ace of aces, First Class Captain Takamachi Nanoha has finally found time to rest her wings. A new generation is being raised. This is the tale of the only daughter of the former ace of sky, Takamachi Nanoha. A vivid tale of Takamachi Vivio.

Japanese Yuri Pop

  • 8.50
  • 34
  • 645

1. Hime-chan wa Tereya-san (Bashful Little Hime-chan)
Tsukiko goes after Hime-chan but she got rejected in comedic ways.

1.1. Bashful Little Hime-chan's Summer

1.2. Bashful Little Hime-can's Winter

2. Senpai wa Tokubetsu desu (Senpai Is Special)

3. Kanojo wa Imouto (My Girlfriend Is My Little Sister)
Sentani Miharu, an upperclassman, and Kaburagi Yuyu, an underclassman, have decided to go out with each other. Coincidentally enough, Miharu's and Yuyu's parents got married after that event. Now Miharu tries to fight off the invitations of lust with her new little sister.

4. Tsukiko wa Bakakawa (Tsukiko Is Stupidly Cute)

5. Hakushaku no Okiniiri (The Count's Interest)
When the mysterious "Count" takes interest in a 1st year student she instantly takes possession of her by stealing her first kiss! The 1st year is outraged that the Count would such a thing a tries to avoid her but the Count will not give up on winning her over!

6. Oneechan wa Kanojo (My Sister Is My Girlfriend)
The sequel story to Kanojo wa Imouto.

7. Mikadzuki-san wa Amanojaku (Contradictory Mikadzuki-san)
Maya Mikadzuki-san always says "I hate" to things she actually likes. This confuses Usami-san to no end but she doesn't give-up in befriending Mikadzuki-san!

8. The Ever Bashful Hime-chan
Sequel to Hime-chan wa Tereya-san, Sukiko asks Hime-chan out on a date which involve funny situations.

9. What Happens Next

Japanese Cider to Nakimushi.

  • 8.36
  • 248
  • 4,665
  • 1

A collection of short doujin stories by Canno. All slightly romantic, with open endings.

−Gold star, happy end
−A dead-end, after all

−The secret door that fleetingly opens
−Welcome to the Occult Research Society!
−The bamboo and the tiger


−Just waiting for spring
−Summer ends

Japanese Citrus

  • 8.16
  • 1,899
  • 40,088
  • 30

Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends and having fun, is about to get a reality check. Due to her mom's remarriage, Yuzu has transferred to a new, all-girls school that is extremely strict. Her real education is about to begin.

From day one, happy-go-lucky Yuzu makes enemies, namely the beautiful yet stern student council president Mei. So what happens when a dejected Yuzu returns home and discovers the shock of her life: that Mei is actually her new step-sister who has come to live with her? Even more surprising, when Mei catches Yuzu off-guard and kisses her out of the blue, what does it all mean?

Japanese Aoi Hana

  • 8.44
  • 202
  • 3,915
  • 1

Fumi and Akira were best friends when they were little, with Akira always looking after the crybaby Fumi, but that all ended when Fumi's family moved away. Several years later, Fumi's family returned, and she and Akira happened to bump into each other on their way to school. They became friends again, quickly slipping back into old patterns. Shortly after, Fumi began dating a cool, attractive upperclassman who, coincidentally enough, had ties to Akira's current school, the prestigious Fujigaya Girls' Academy.

Japanese Cheerful Amnesia

  • 8.65
  • 2,752
  • 51,305
  • 23

From Girls in Boxes: Mari's girlfriend, Arisa, loses her memories of the past three years, including all memory of their life together. However, it turns out that being crazy in love with someone transcends all realms of possibility.

Japanese Killing Me!

  • 8.86
  • 983
  • 18,946
  • 18

To their classmates, Fujimiya Saki and Kujou Miyoko appear to get along pretty well. But the two girls have a secret: Miyoko is a vampire always thirsty for Saki’s blood, and Saki is a vampire hunter who has had enough of being teased!

It’s Saki’s mission to kill vampires, but which will really enter Miyoko’s heart first -- a wooden stake, or Saki’s growing affection for her?

Japanese Itadaki!

  • 5.00
  • 137
  • 2,917
  • 1

Tateyama Sukai has just transferred into a high school filled with "princesses" from wealthy and influential families. In her search for club activites that appeal to her love of physical activity, she comes across a mountain climbing club, and finds herself drawn into the world steep ascents under the open sky.

Thai Lily Love

  • 8.87
  • 105
  • 2,638

When Donut meets Mew, their encounter turns out to be more than just a coincidence, as their closeness slowly turns into something more intimate.
Lily Love... is a story between two very different people, who hand and hand, learn to trust each other in order to nurture and protect the love they share regardless of position, distance, or gender.
If finding true love already seems next to impossible, how much harder will it be to keep it?

Japanese Nanashi no Asterism

  • 7.88
  • 533
  • 3,473
  • 10

Tsukasa Shiratori, Nadeshiko Washio and Mikage Kotooka are three close-knit friends in junior high school. For almost a year, Tsukasa has been harboring a secret she can't tell anyone: she has a crush on Nadeshiko. She resigns to keep it locked away forever, but then discovers that Nadeshiko has a crush on Mikage. Not wanting to mess up their current relationship, Tsukasa decides to support Nadeshiko in any way she can. However, Mikage has a secret of her own that she can't share with anyone.

Japanese Koi-Iro Cocktail

  • 7.70
  • 42
  • 898

Japanese The Four Best People in the World

  • 7.42
  • 39
  • 1,088
  • 5

Childhood friends Haru and Natsuki decide to go on a double date.

Japanese Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru

  • 8.45
  • 1,503
  • 25,795
  • 46

Former Air Force Master Sergeant Kamoi Tsubame tries changing careers to finally get cute girls to wear her cute self-designed clothes. To that end she tries to get a job in the Takanashi household as a maid and babysitter to Yasuhiro Taknashi's spoiled daughter Misha Takanashi, as it seems that her mother is no longer present.

Misha has successfully gotten rid of previous maids through playing delightful pranks like throwing mud, laying out banana peels to slip on and lighting the washed clothes on fire. In face of the newest applicant boasting that she has military experience, Misha even thinks about researching bomb making.

Japanese 2DK, G-pen, Alarm clock.

  • 8.72
  • 260
  • 3,756
  • 5

A mangaka and her salarywoman roommate come to realize that their feelings of friendship might actually be something quite different.

Japanese Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan

  • 8.83
  • 230
  • 3,960
  • 4

Set at a shop called The Amber Tea-house, this is a very heartwarming story that focuses on Seriho, the proprietress of the tea house, and Sarasa, the high school student who works there part-time. It'll set your heart aflutter!

Volume 2 also includes Chapters 1-4 of Otomeiro Stay Tune as extras.

A prologue can be found in Eternal Sisters.

Korean Serenade

  • 10.00
  • 18
  • 887

A professor living a successful life with a secret. Two students who each have a hold on their mentor: one who knows her secret and another who reminds her of her first love...

Chinese (Simp) Sunshine & Bright Stars

  • 8.50
  • 43
  • 1,854

Japanese Angelica ni Utau

  • 8.25
  • 177
  • 4,031

Japanese Kanamemo

  • 7.75
  • 314
  • 10,045
  • 1

Nakamachi Kana is a junior high school girl. Her grandmother passed away and she was left all alone. She finds a newspaper carrier station and starts working as a live-in carrier. Her room has a hole in the wall. Other female workers living next doors come in through the hole and start a wild merrymaking.

Korean It Would Be Great if You Didn't Exist

  • 8.37
  • 422
  • 7,682
  • 7

When did she meet her ideal girl in the worst situation?
Guk-Hwa was kissed by Jang-Mi and left. After a few days since that incident, Guk-Hwa left her work to go home, and saw Jang-Mi on the other train and tried to get off to meet her, while thinking "Why did I do that? The guy thing is already solved anyways."
Jang-Mi finishes working at her place, and gets pissed off because she keeps thinking about that fight about the guy. And so she gets off work all pissed off because Guk-Hwa keeps popping up on her mind again.

Japanese Slime ga Nakama ni Natta!

  • 8.11
  • 137
  • 2,788
  • 10

An adventurer is helped by a slime.


  • Author's Pixiv
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  • Japanese Oomuro-ke

    • 9.23
    • 543
    • 4,596
    • 2

    A spin-off of the YuruYuri series featuring Sakurako and her sisters.

    Japanese Futago Danjo Aru Aru

    • 8.54
    • 74
    • 1,970

    A pair of twins wish upon a shooting star for love but it doesn't turn out exactly like they wanted.

    Japanese Your Fragrance

    • 7.92
    • 67
    • 1,081

    A girl becomes interested in the fragrance of another girl's hair.

    Japanese Iono the fanatics

    • 7.75
    • 61
    • 1,253

    Once upon a time, there was a ruler of a small Kingdom who was burdened with the task of running the Kingdom at an early age. This ruler was the ideal monarch who was a natural leader. This ruler’s only fault, if you can call it that, was a fetish for women with long straight luscious black hair. Now imagine that the setting is the present, and that this ruler was a young beautiful Queen.

    Japanese Alice Quartet Obbligato

    • 9.33
    • 26
    • 1,076

    Slice of life manga about a group of clothing designers.

    Japanese Mikazuki no Mitsu

    • 8.25
    • 41
    • 1,422

    1-8. Crescent Sweet Honey
    Sakura secretly loves her male coworker Sugi. But he's in love with Momoko, a regular client at the cafe who has no lasting relationships. Suddenly Sakura decides to confess to Momoko to go out with her! And to her big surprise, Momoko accepts to go out with her! What will happen now?
    9. Hatsuyuki, Hatsukoi
    10. Kirakira Aomushi
    11. Kon'ya wa Tanabata
    12. Yume demo, Yume demo
    13. Girls' Glasses
    Funny short story about two friends talking about getting used to wearing glasses.
    14. Rengerinne
    15. It’s a bit early, but Chinese New Year!
    16. Imouto ga Majo ni
    17. With an Earnest Love
    18. Anata ni Totte Watashi ni Totte
    19. Kansetsu, Chokusetsu

    Japanese Hirari, (Anthology)

    • 9.00
    • 105
    • 3,310

    Japanese Sakura Trick

    • 7.47
    • 686
    • 9,909
    • 2

    Yuu and Haruka were inseparable during junior high but a cruel twist of fate put them on opposite sides of the class when entering senior high. Forced to spend more time with their other classmates, they decide to do something to keep their relationship special. A comedy 4koma.

    Japanese Houkago!

    • 8.00
    • 154
    • 3,462

    Special comic anthology from Hirari focusing on club activities.

    Japanese Goblin Is Very Strong

    • 7.81
    • 4,361
    • 76,385
    • 29

    Goblin-san accidentally reached level 99... and now she keeps killing heroes.

    Japanese Yuridori Midori

    • 8.50
    • 268
    • 5,220
    • 3

    Seven short stories from the author of Fu~fu doing her own spin on several manga cliches. If nothing else you've got the cute art and the twists, and love triangles aren't nearly as annoying when you solve them by connecting all the points.

    Japanese Eden no Otome

    • 7.00
    • 240
    • 7,186

    In the distant future, humanity is now only made up of women. Kohane Sumino has just enrolled into the prestigious Shirasakuya Academy that contains within it a secluded courtyard garden maintained by the Gardening Club. Legend has it that if two people pledge their love for each other underneath a pair of trees in that garden, they will be bound for eternity. Kohane seeks out the garden on her first day of school, where she meets Rekka Hanatsuka, the friendly self-proclaimed acting president of the Gardening Club. Although Kohane proves to be fairly popular early on, she soon learns that paradise is not without its thorns.

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