Japanese Angel Beats! - Heaven's Door

  • 8.38
  • 549
  • 8,953
  • 5

In a world after death, Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the other hand, Tenshi (Angel), the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angel's harnessing supernatural powers.

A prequel to the anime, showing the formation of the Afterworld Battlefront.

The novel version covers the first 23 chapters of the manga.


  • Original Novel
  • Japanese Shishunki Bitter Change

    • 8.74
    • 2,251
    • 34,818
    • 46

    Yuuta and Yui had their body swapped when Yuuta fell down from a tree.
    How will they co-operate in dealing with this as they grow up?

    Original webcomic:

    Japanese Hatsukoi Zombie

    • 7.87
    • 4,999
    • 130,107
    • 105

    According to his childhood friend, Tarou Kurume is not interested in love. One day Tarou is struck on his head by a ball rendering him unconscious. When he wakes up, there's a girl floating above him.

    What has happened to Tarou? Who is this mysterious girl? Find out in this one of a kind romantic comedy series!

    Japanese raven;od

    • 6.00
    • 226
    • 1,965
    • 1

    Ayato and Yuki are good friends that go to school every morning together, but their relationship has changed in one night. Yuki's purpose is to eat "the human soul" and Ayato's purpose is "to kill Yuki". In order to stop him, the two sides began a bitter battle, and the day after, they pretended as if nothing had happened, it felt it was a dream, so the cycle continues.

    Japanese Change H

    • 6.33
    • 245
    • 5,863
    • 1

    An anthology of genderbending and cross-dressing.

    Each volume is referred to by a color

    Volume 1 - Pink:   

    Volume 2 - Blue:   
    Volume 3 - Yellow: 
    Volume 4 - Green: 
    Volume 5 - Purple: 
    Volume 6 - Red:    
    Volume 7 - White:  
    Volume 8 - Orange:
    Volume 9 - Red:    

    Japanese Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

    • 9.09
    • 6,543
    • 177,285
    • 77

    If you blush, you lose!

    Living by this principle, the middle schooler Nishikata gets constantly made fun of by his seat neighbor Takagi-san. With his pride shattered to pieces, he vows to turn the tables and get back at her some day.

    And so, he attempts to tease her day after day, only to find himself victim to Takagi-san's ridicule again sooner than later. Will he be able to make Takagi-san blush from embarrassment even once in the end?

    N.B: The chapter number is based on the original magazine release, which differs from the numbering in the volumes.

    Japanese I Want To Be Normal

    • 7.44
    • 1,489
    • 38,465
    • 24

    Fukatsu Michitaka, a boy who just became a high school student, can't differentiate people at all because of his prosopagnosia (Face blindness). However one day he runs into a girl whose face looks completely different than the rest. So in order to cure his illness and accomplish his dream of becoming "normal," he starts to get close to her.

    Japanese Sensei no Yasashii Koroshikata

    • 8.08
    • 649
    • 10,426
    • 11

    Alice's parent were killed when she was young, she saw the killer and made the promise to herself to kill him. Little did she know that when she will go to high school, the killer would become her teacher.

    Japanese Koi to Gunkan

    • 9.00
    • 64
    • 825
    • 1

    Endou Kana is a cheerful schoolgirl who has a secret crush on… the mayor, Minato Kouichi, a perfect gentleman and well-liked leader of the post-war town. With the help of her friend Akira, she investigates him, until the trail leads her to an abandoned-looking house where a strange and scary foreigner lives. He and Kouichi seem to have some kind of relationship, but what is it? Kana’s and Akira’s take on that question are completely different and there’s still a chance both of them are wrong!

    Japanese Love Lab

    • 9.14
    • 1,290
    • 18,694
    • 25

    Love Lab is set in Fujisaki Girls Academy, which is known for their school body being composed of very proper students. The most prominent one of them is Natsuo Maki, the student president who is admired by her classmates for her calm and polite demeanor. On the other hand, Riko Kurahashi is also admired but for having a very forward and boyish personality. Riko accidentally walks into Maki when she is kissing a body pillow with a picture of a guy for practice, and learns that she is not as collected as everyone thinks she is. Riko is forced into keeping Maki's secret and joins her in practicing romance activities such as holding hands and more.

    Japanese Maken-Ki! -Kai!!-

    • 8.33
    • 225
    • 2,254

    Set years before the main story, this series follows Minori, Aki, and the other teachers during their days as students at Tenbi.  (From: MU)

    Japanese Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou

    • 8.50
    • 271
    • 1,876
    • 4

    Meet Izumo Kunisaki, a descendant of Izumo no Okuni. The fact that he's often mistaken for a girl is the bane of his existence. His father and best-friend often laugh about his troubles. To top it off, he plays the female roles in his family's Kabuki troupe. Follow along as he discovers that his curse is also his greatest strength, and will show just how much of a man he is.

    Japanese Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!

    • 8.70
    • 10,051
    • 427,637
    • 343

    Tomo Aizawa was able to successfully confess to her crush Junichirou Kubota. There is only one problem: He just sees her as his buddy. He thought that she was a boy until they went to middle school together, because her grade school was in a different school district.


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  • Japanese Seasons

    • 7.67
    • 12
    • 452
    • 1

    A collection of yuri stories by Jin Takemiya.

    Japanese Yuri Pop

    • 8.50
    • 27
    • 505

    1. Hime-chan wa Tereya-san (Bashful Little Hime-chan)
    Tsukiko goes after Hime-chan but she got rejected in comedic ways.

    1.1. Bashful Little Hime-chan's Summer

    1.2. Bashful Little Hime-can's Winter

    2. Senpai wa Tokubetsu desu (Senpai Is Special)

    3. Kanojo wa Imouto (My Girlfriend Is My Little Sister)
    Sentani Miharu, an upperclassman, and Kaburagi Yuyu, an underclassman, have decided to go out with each other. Coincidentally enough, Miharu's and Yuyu's parents got married after that event. Now Miharu tries to fight off the invitations of lust with her new little sister.

    4. Tsukiko wa Bakakawa (Tsukiko Is Stupidly Cute)

    5. Hakushaku no Okiniiri (The Count's Interest)
    When the mysterious "Count" takes interest in a 1st year student she instantly takes possession of her by stealing her first kiss! The 1st year is outraged that the Count would such a thing a tries to avoid her but the Count will not give up on winning her over!

    6. Oneechan wa Kanojo (My Sister Is My Girlfriend)
    The sequel story to Kanojo wa Imouto.

    7. Mikadzuki-san wa Amanojaku (Contradictory Mikadzuki-san)
    Maya Mikadzuki-san always says "I hate" to things she actually likes. This confuses Usami-san to no end but she doesn't give-up in befriending Mikadzuki-san!

    8. The Ever Bashful Hime-chan
    Sequel to Hime-chan wa Tereya-san, Sukiko asks Hime-chan out on a date which involve funny situations.

    9. What Happens Next

    Japanese Moujuusei Shounen Shoujo

    • 8.57
    • 2,658
    • 41,451
    • 18

    High School student Usami Touru bumped into his classmate Ayabe Reri, one day while taking a stroll. Ayabe is like an idol in their School. She is a usually a quiet and honest beautiful teenage girl. But by chance that night, Touru caught a glimpse of her skipping on top of a rail. The next day, Touru was asked by Ayabe to keep what he saw a secret. How will the relationship of such an unlikely couple play out?

    Japanese Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama ga Game de Hyouka sareru Gakuen no Chouten ni Kunrin suru Sou desu yo?

    • 7.09
    • 1,905
    • 49,906
    • 19

    Everything that happens in the world is settled through games.

    Manga Adaptation of the Light Novel by the same name.

    Japanese Class ga Isekai Shoukan sareta Naka Ore dake Nokotta n desu ga

    • 7.19
    • 5,784
    • 121,142
    • 51

    A god of a different world had abruptly appeared in Kamiya Yato's classroom and forcibly summoned the entire class to his world... except for him, because he was sleeping in a seat in the corner of the class, the round summoning magic circle didn't reach him, and he ended up staying here on Earth, but with brand-new skills.

    After he made it through a whole year full of police interviews and journalism reports, he finally became a high school student, but the quiet days he had hoped for were far from over; be it terrorists who decide to occupy his school or even monsters from different world, one by one new incidents take place in the town he lives in...

    Will a boy without any motivation be able to save the world?

    Japanese Piece

    • 9.21
    • 201
    • 4,950
    • 4

    One day, Mizuho, a university student, receive news that her classmate in high school, Origuchi Haruka, passed away. Mizuho doesn't remember being best friends with Origuchi, but apparently, Origuchi told her mother that Mizuho was her best friend. And now, her mother wants Mizuho to help her find the boy Origuchi dated during high school. Mizuho told Origuchi's mother that Origuchi was a very plain girl, and she was never seen with a guy, but her mother told Mizuho that Origuchi got pregnant and had an abortion when she was in high school. Mizuho was shocked, but she still starts asking her other classmates in high school and following the traces Origuchi left behind.

    Winner of the 58th Shogakukan Manga Award (2013) in the Shoujo manga category.

    Japanese Eto Royale

    • 8.56
    • 539
    • 10,395
    • 2

    The battle to decide the new zodiac that takes place once every 1000 years BEGINS.

    Japanese Chotto Edo Made

    • 9.00
    • 50
    • 910

    What if the Meiji Restoration never happened? Bakufu still holds sway, the class system has never been abolished, and there is no westernization. The story is set in modern-era Edo, which had never been renamed to Tokyo, where people go to Kabuki for entertainment and hang out at pancake house. It centers around Sobi, the sister of an Edo magistrate who goes to school with Michisato, who prefers to be called Michelle, the eccentric son of the ruling Tokugawa clan's Mito family.

    Japanese Gyakusou Shoujo - Owaranai Natsuyasumi

    • 5.00
    • 77
    • 1,748

    Toko is a shy, awkward girl who hates her summer holidays. They just don't seem to end, and she's right. She is stuck on August 31st. Every day's the same as any other August 31st, except when a new character comes and changes how her whole day goes, and what she learns later on is not what she wanted to know...

    Korean Coming Out Note

    • 5.50
    • 59
    • 1,423

    After failing the first blind date in his life, Oh Do-Kyung calls the friend who arranged the date. He's in the bathroom. During their conversation, his friend says something which angers Do-Kyung, which leads him to accidentally shouting his secret. His secret is that he is gay. To his shock, he realizes that there are other people in the bathroom: friends from his college department and even a senior student that he is on good terms with. Worried about whether or not they heard his secret, Do-Kyung's life completely changes.

    Japanese Zessyaka!

    • 8.00
    • 233
    • 3,877

    On the distant island where Yotsuwa Private Girl's Acadamy is located, the Near-Extinct Car Academic Faculty takes old barn finds and restores them and their owner's memories. Following her dream of driving her late grandfather's Subaru Sambar, Rico Momose and her freshman friends join the Rare Car Class to bring back to life these old, forgotten vehicles and their legacies. Follow Rico and her friends' journey as they make plenty of car-related memories.

    Chinese (Simp) DOLO's Destiny Pill

    • 6.40
    • 111
    • 4,611
    • 5

    She isnt beautiful and isnt smart, is this why she is at the bottom of society? If there was something that allowed you to reverse fate, are you willing to pay something so precious and valuable to change it?

    Japanese The Friends-Eater Classroom

    • 4.82
    • 1,054
    • 57,094
    • 58

    At Sakurazaka High School, students in class 1-A are involved in an unreasonable game called "The Friends-Eater Game", in which one of the conditions of the game is to eat specific parts of the bodies of their friends to survive. Cannibal school begins.

    Korean The Gamer

    • 7.28
    • 2,052
    • 22,972
    • 8

    From MangaUpdates:
    "Han Jee-Han, a normal high school student, suddenly develops a special power where his entire world is shifted into a game-like setting. He can see the power levels of people, look at the stats of a seemingly normal item, get abilities, and even level up! Follow Han Jee-Han as he discovers how to use this power, and maybe even where it came from."

    From Line Webtoon:
    "What if your life is just like playing a game? What if you can upgrade your status and gain more levels? A fantasy world is coming right at you!"

    Japanese Ashita wa Doyoubi: Haru · Natsu

    • 8.38
    • 1,238
    • 25,263
    • 31

    A slice of life comedy revolving around the conversations and daily shenanigans of three schoolgirls. Mina is lively and gets into mischief; Yukari is the class rep and usually follows Mina's lead; and Sanae is a member of the track club whom, unlike her friends, prefers to stay cool and act rationally. (From: MU)

    Japanese Ookumo-chan Flashback

    • 9.04
    • 1,365
    • 17,075
    • 19

    First-year high school student Minoru Suzuki, sometimes sees visions of his own mother's past as a high school student.

    Korean Honggane

    • 8.00
    • 6
    • 523

    Nanhee Hong is the second child in the Hong family. She has an older brother, who is the jjang (boss) of his school, and a younger brother, who is a member of the rival school's gang. When Nanhee meets a mysterious student, things begin to get complicated. What will Nanhee do?

    Japanese Cider to Nakimushi.

    • 8.36
    • 246
    • 4,577
    • 1

    A collection of short doujin stories by Canno. All slightly romantic, with open endings.

    −Gold star, happy end
    −A dead-end, after all

    −The secret door that fleetingly opens
    −Welcome to the Occult Research Society!
    −The bamboo and the tiger


    −Just waiting for spring
    −Summer ends

    Japanese Again!!

    • 8.29
    • 1,781
    • 11,469
    • 9

    After three unfulfilling years of high school, Imamura Kinichirou was finally graduating. Because of his delinquent-esque looks, he was feared by his classmates, has made no friends, and his greatest regret was not joining the ouendan (cheer club), which was now disbanded. After an accident on the day of his graduation, he and classmate Fujieda Aki are transported three years back in time, freshman again in body but with high-school memories intact. Can Imamura fix the mistakes of his past? Can he re-do his high school years in the way that he's always wanted? Again!! The universe suddenly shouts.

    Japanese Citrus

    • 8.16
    • 1,895
    • 39,764
    • 30

    Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends and having fun, is about to get a reality check. Due to her mom's remarriage, Yuzu has transferred to a new, all-girls school that is extremely strict. Her real education is about to begin.

    From day one, happy-go-lucky Yuzu makes enemies, namely the beautiful yet stern student council president Mei. So what happens when a dejected Yuzu returns home and discovers the shock of her life: that Mei is actually her new step-sister who has come to live with her? Even more surprising, when Mei catches Yuzu off-guard and kisses her out of the blue, what does it all mean?

    Japanese Chronos - DEEP

    • 0.00
    • 166
    • 1,213

    Since the death of his family in a mysterious fire, Nanasawa Io has lived as an outcast. Students at his school fear him and animals around him soon begin popping up dead. This brings about an investigation into Io by a group known as the Titans. The Titans' goal is to hunt down and destroy Kagetsuki- people who have become possessed by malicious shadows. However, what the Titans soon discover about Io isn't what they expected.

    Japanese Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu

    • 8.74
    • 5,142
    • 147,476
    • 106

    High-Schooler Tsukishima Satoru gets confessed to by local female High-School boxing-talent Saotome Yae. He rejects her initially because he does not want to impede her boxing career.

    Her female coach, Shioya hears about this and decides to install him as Saotome's trainer so that they can secretly date each other. This situation is also aided by his extensive boxing knowledge.

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