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About dating a Team Magma Grunt.
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Jeongto and Isaeng — childhood friends and neighbours, one grew up in a hospital and the other in a funeral home. Even with their opposite roles in serving those who live and those who have died, they were extremely close. Yet, ten years later, what was once two friends who could understand and respect the balance they maintained in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth is now two opposing forces trying to control of the path of the deceased's souls.

How did they get here? It was all because of a funeral...
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The story centers around the life of a young boxer named Ryuuji Takane and his sister Kiku, who is his coach. Ryuuji and his sister both inherited their father's talent for boxing with Ryuuji inheriting his strength and techniques while Kiku picked up his talent for analysis and strategy. In the past, their father was a famous boxer. Ryuuji and Kiku went away from home to train and become famous in order to help their lonely mother. On the way to stardom, they have to defeat the strongest challengers all over the world.
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[Adapted from Jin Yong's novel of the same name] The ephemerality of all beings, a thousand faces with all characteristics, complicated feelings, and humans that aren't humans.

Prince Duan Yu, having run away from home many times, is finally about to welcome a huge turning point in his life. Seeing the most beautiful woman in front of him, he brazenly calls out 'Fairy Sister'!

This is the familiar story of 'Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils' by Jin Yong you know so well, as well as a new story!
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His body has different abilities and talents, but he has not found many ways to use them in the real world, all he can do is to be a professional killer's job. But at least after going to a different world, where there is only fighting or death on the battlefield its strength will appear differently. The Reaper's name known is Tang Yin (a.k.a Brother Don)...

Official English 2 (Mangatoon)
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Amongst the swans of England's Swan Lake, I am different. I am a black swan, and the last one able to transform into human form. One time as I peeked my head out from the lake, a ring was thrown in front of me. Becuase of this ring, I met she-male! Once I found out his true identity, I became his disciple, and somehow also his 100th girlfriend!
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Salvors are men responsible for towing wrecked ships and handling the cargo. They are different from rescue teams as they usually ask for money before offering help. Nanba Rintarou's father was the owner of such a company, but Rintarou really hated the way they operated and decided to join the Coast Guard.

However, Rintarou's father died right after Rintarou completed his training. In his will he asked Rintarou to take over his company. What's worse is he left his son a debt of 1.5 billion yen...

A series about Maritime salvage contractors and some of the intricacies of saving sinking ships, raising wrecks, Debt collectors, life or death struggles on booby trapped North korean spy boats, repairing corroded equipment, etc,etc. Just a normal day at work for a salvage crew....
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Disguised as a man, Lu Dingning picks up a bunch of girls, with her gentleman index on max and her prince charming smile leveled up! Women are constantly surrounding her and men are getting mercilessly bent in her presence.
Life motto: As long as the hoe is dancing well, there's not a single boyfriend she can't steal!
Zong Jize, king of the city, treats her as his brother but ends up pushing her onto the bed.
Lu Yining says furiously, “Master Zong, I treated you as my brother but instead you sick bastard just wanted to sleep with me!”
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Decommisioned police officer Zhounan, is perplexed by a peculiar psychological experience. Upon contact with any object, he is able to perceive an individual's thoughts and envision what they experienced. Evidently he finds himself entangled within the city he is in - the numerous legends within the Lost City cities. And those seemingly absurd legends hide surprising secrets. A weird world slowly opens its doors to us...
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A cat demon with a split personality is reincarnated with the memories of her past life. She wishes revenge on her lover from her past life, but upon meeting him finds herself falling all over for him again. What should she do?! A female main character with no sense of moral principles, between an arrogant, abstinent man and the charming, indifferent demon king, who will she choose!
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Continuing in the Touhou series, this one follows the footsteps of Silent Sinner in Blue, Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth, and the Sangetsusei trilogy.

This time, Marisa comes across a mysterious hermit outside the Human Village. However, as she tells Reimu about her, the hermit is seen sneaking around the Hakurei Shrine. She's Ibara Kasen, a strange, bandaged ascetic of unknown nature and ability who's far more aware of them and Gensoukyou than either realizes.
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What you want: CEO√ Inspiring√ Office√ Childhood sweethearts√ School bullying√...This is about a man who doesn't know how to love, he needs to learn responsibility and gentleness; this is about a woman who is afraid to love, she needs to stop escaping her own destiny and face it bravely on.
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In order to fulfil her mission of bringing peace to her homeland, the Uyghur Princess Amelia travels to Chang'an and marries Emperor Dezong of Tang's ninth prince, Li Qian. While she had been considered very capable in her homeland, the complex and foreign customs of the Tang court are something else entirely; and although she had not expected love in a political marriage, the sheer disinterest and arrogance of her husband is very hard to handle, no matter how capable and handsome he may be. Securing peace between the Uyghur Khaganate and the Tang Empire is not going to be easy, especially with the rebellion taking place in Tang.
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To earn money, Edd decided to enter the pornographic video company <>. Secretly, he begins to work under the alias "Tomy". One day, it was decided that he will be filmed as a "bottom" instead of a "top", but due to some circumstances, he's suddenly going to do it with Glenn Mcqueen as his partner?
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The Republic of Torimania…
The only place in the world where winged humans live. The capital is Torima. The official language is Japanese. Their famous product is bird manju. A young girl chooses this mysterious country for her studies abroad. Who will she encounter in the Republic of Torimania, and what will she find there?
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A boy who wonders why his younger brother Yuuki started dressing like a girl, and decides to see what all the fun is about by trying on some of Yuuki's clothes.
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Harry is a hedgehog who wants to be hugged. Garu is a wolf who looks intimidating but has a kind heart. Peta is a penguin who wants to fly. These three, alongside many more characters, walk through life as they try to reach their goals.
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Fan-colored version of Getsuyoubi no Tawawa.

A salary man is quite depressed, especially on Mondays. At his lowest point a well-endowed High-School girl calling herself Ai-chan stumbles breast-first into his face. The concussion she gave him served as the start of their relationship.

Features additional single-page images of other side-stories, that were posted on the Authors Twitter every Monday before.
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An anthology of genderbending and cross-dressing. Each volume is referred to by a color:

Volume 1 - Pink
Volume 2 - Blue
Volume 3 - Yellow
Volume 4 - Green
Volume 5 - Purple
Volume 6 - Red
Volume 7 - White
Volume 8 - Orange
Volume 9 - Red
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Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery.

Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world!

This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!
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High-Schooler Tsukishima Satoru gets confessed to by local female High-School boxing-talent Saotome Yae. He rejects her initially because he does not want to impede her boxing career.

Her female coach, Shioya hears about this and decides to install him as Saotome's trainer so that they can secretly date each other. This situation is also aided by his extensive boxing knowledge.
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"I do not trust humans. They’ll betray you without fail.” Aur, the man who had obtained the ability and right to become the Maou at the end of his life of research. Summoning the succubus Lilu, he then sets out on creating his own domain, a gigantic labyrinthine dungeon… The misanthropic Maou taking on the world, the curtain rises on a dark harem fantasy!
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Typical company employee Tanaka Daichi(38 years old, single) loves games and plays a new type of VRMMO called "One More Free Life Online" under the username "Earth". Inside this free world he chose several skills that are generally regarded as useless. Be it wasting time crafting potions, cooking up pointlessly tasty food, or hunting monsters with some absurd weapon he crafted, he simply enjoys playing the game.
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A salary man is quite depressed, especially on Mondays. At his lowest point a well-endowed High-School girl calling herself Ai-chan stumbles breast-first into his face. The concussion she gave him served as the start of their relationship.

Features additional single-page images of other side-stories, that were posted on the Authors Twitter every Monday before.
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Yukari was a high school student when she died in a traffic accident, but when she woke up, she had been reincarnated as the daughter of a count in another world! But strangely, what was waiting for her was a life of poverty, so she decided to make use of the knowledge from her previous life.
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Sick of the trickery in the royal court, former knight captain Hans now serves at a remote station in the countryside. But his peaceful and idyllic days end when some Japanese people with superhuman abilities suddenly show up.
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He met a girl. A young girl branded with the mark of a criminal. That was the beginning of everything. "Crap, my girl's so cute" This is the story of the two who became an overly protective guardian and an adopted child, changing relationships, and furthermore until how that relationship evolves. (From: MU)

Adapted from the Light Novel series of the same name.

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Seto Yu is a 12-year-old boy, that is abused violently by his father. One day, he is transported into a fantasy world with video game mechanics after being killed by his abusive father and he discovers that he has the unique ability to steal other people's skills for his own use. He quickly uses his special power to take revenge on the townspeople who bully him and obtains a harem of beautiful girls who love him unconditionally even though he shows no romantic interest in any of them and has the physical build of a skinny teenager.

  • Original Web Novel (Raw)
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    This battle fantasy manga follows several heroines who protect people from the monsters that appear through a gate connecting to an alternate world known as the Mato (magic capital)
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    Normal 21-year-old college student Song Ara has been best friends for 15 years with a hot guy that catches the eye of all girls, Kyung Hoon. More comfortable hanging with him than any other girl, this is the story of love that begins with this one male friend.
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    Tsukasa thinks he is the unluckiest guy in the world... Yet, Emiko just so happens to be a zombie.. So no worries...right?
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    While searching for a brave candidate to become a magical girl and defend the world from evil, a mythical creature finds Kayo Majiba, a cute young lady who seems like the perfect fit. But when this newly turned magical girl proves to be a crude delinquent who goes berserk in a conflict, it becomes clear that this may have been a terrible mistake. Now evil—and any innocent bystanders—will face the rage of a magical girl gone wrong!
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    The "Flower Master in the City" comics is a large-scale network of serial comics based on the classic eponymous representative of the famous online novelist "Heart is wandering". The story tells the story of a man who just turned 19 years old. Suddenly, he appeared on a strange road and escaped from a truck almost killed him. He discovered a luxury car to take to Jianghai City whilst not remembering anything except the name Qiao Xiaoqiao
    • -- (7.63)
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    Su Xiao was once an impoverished god of the heavens, but because he accidentally burned down the marriage predestined by the tree of fate, he has no choice but to descend to the mortal world and reincarnate for ten lifetimes to join together 9,990 marriages. In the tenth world, he is just an common beggar. Unexpectedly the world’s number one Sect, ZiChen Zhenren took him in under his wing, causing many people to sob endlessly. And this lifetime, he once again is in a pure Yang body. In secret, a dark pair of eyes unconsciously watches over him.
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    After his sister is devoured by a dragon and losing all their supplies in a failed dungeon raid, Laius and his party are determined to save his sister before she gets digested. Completely broke and having to resort to eating monsters as food, they meet a dwarf who will introduce them to the world of Dungeon Meshi - delicious cuisine made from ingredients such as the flesh of giant bats, walking mushrooms, or even screaming mandrakes.
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    The St. Mikhailov Academy student Oribe Mafuyu comes across a mysterious silver haired boy. He is called a Qwaser, a being that draws power from Soma and is able to manipulate a specific element. And now, in the 21st century, the mystery revolving around an Icon turns the academy into the battlegrounds for the fight between the Qwaser!
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    A Japanese police officer named Kyo Kugayama and Kyo Hoshina, a 12-year old genius with an IQ of 250, embark on a quest to investigate a person known as the Professor. Nothing is known about him, except he is said to be a genius like Hoshina and said to be linked to multiple bombing attacks in Japan when Hoshina was recalled from the US to assist the National Police Agency in their investigation of the bombing cases.
    • -- (7.75)
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    The story that revolves around a bunny in a demon country of Rimuru Tempest.

    Warning: Potential Spoilers for the main manga.
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    In middle school, Ichinose Kimitaka taught his friends how to play basketball. Despite his experience with the sport, his friends quickly outmatched him in skill. After an incident brought on by his frustration and jealousy, he was crushed to overhear those same 'friends' discussing how they wished he'd just kill himself.

    On his way to toss out his special basketball shoes, he met a girl who was just as frustrated, throwing her own dancing shoes away. She was so tall, and her hands and feet are so large, that she had been rejected from her chosen hobby of Spanish dancing. He urged her to give basketball a try, and the two exchanged their shoes instead of throwing them away.

    As he enters high school, Kimitaka learns that meeting him changed that girl's life for the better, and she is now a happy, social basketball player. Will Kimitaka be able to find the courage to make new friends and pursue his own talents?
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    1-3) Royal Straight
    Karen is a "half", born of a Japanese father and German mother. Having always lived in Germany until now, as a present for her 16th birthday, she goes to Japan which she admired so much. Hoping to find her soulmate but...!?

    4) Anata ni Koishite Watashi wa

    5) Osatoudzuke no Misu Hanii -
    Lily Amemiya has the perfect boyfriend--Yoh Tsuruta. Unfortunately, lots of other girls think so, too. How will poor Lily deal with all the attention her boyfriend gets!?

    5) Osatoudzuke no Misu Hanii -
    Lily Amemiya ha il fidanzato perfetto, Yoh Tsuruta. Purtroppo un sacco di ragazze pensano a lui. Come farà la povera Lily ad avere tutta l'attenzione del fidanzato tutta per lei?

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