Chinese (Simp) Chunqing Yatou Huolala

  • 6.28
  • 347
  • 18,960
  • 8

After a night of drinking, she accidentally slept with the insidious Underworld Emperor. What to do? Run! Two years later, she’s the elevator lady at China’s number one business, but is always harassed by a good-looking colleague…

Korean Beloved Days

  • 7.00
  • 37
  • 2,717

Seung Hyun and Gimmi used to go out with each other, but they eventually broke up. A couple years later, they happened to run into each other. Do their romantic feelings still remain?

Chinese (Simp) Best Wedding

  • 7.70
  • 248
  • 11,663
  • 10

Xia Nuanxin is a prominent member of a thief organization. However, one of her missions is thwarted by underworld leader and business tycoon, Xiao Jue! Now, she must work as his assistant in order to get another opportunity. Could this be the start of a relationship?

Japanese Namidaame to Serenade

  • 9.20
  • 100
  • 1,862
  • 3

Suddenly one day energetic high school girl, Katagiri Hina, time travels into the year 1907. The first person she sees is the sorrowful man by the name of Hongo Takaaki. Who exactly is this Hongo-sama? As fate works its gears, how will their romance unfold?

(Source: MU)

Japanese Love at Fourteen

  • 8.72
  • 2,481
  • 29,001
  • 10

The second year of junior high, when most students are in the throes of puberty and feeling the pangs of first love. It’s no different for Kanata Tanaka and Kazuki Yoshikawa, a girl and a boy who have been friends since elementary school. But even though Kanata and Kazuki are at the same point in life as their classmates, an air of adulthood sets the two apart. Kanata is taller and more attractive than the other girls, but the boys stay away because she seems too mature for them. Kazuki too stands out from the other boys, but the girls are wary of him because he seems like a player. And so, Kanata and Kazuki are thrown together in a charming, bittersweet tale of two seemingly mature students falling in love like the teenagers they are.

Japanese Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami

  • 9.20
  • 5,946
  • 243,914
  • 195

Although she had reincarnated as the daughter of a Duke's house, by the time she regained her memories, the Ending was already here.

"After he cancels my engagement, the story would have me confined to a church. Where can I find my happy ending?"

A woman gets hit by a truck and gets sent to the world of an otome game that she had played earlier that same day. However, instead of reincarnating into the main character and focus of the harem, she is fused into the soul of the game's antagonist, the protagonist's rival, and recalled this at the moment she is about to be sentenced to a "bad ending:" isolation in a nunnery.


  • Original Web Novel (Raw)
  • Web Novel (Novel Updates)
  • Light Novel (Novel Updates)
  • Japanese Love, Hate, Love

    • 8.25
    • 111
    • 3,174
    • 4

    28-year-old Kiwako meets a man who smoking on the balcony one day. Her next door neighbour, Nuihara, a lazy, 52-year-old college professor.

    As Kiwako is considering abandoning her career as a ballet dancer, he gives her some sincere advice. Until now, Kiwako had given up on love, but his words have stirred up a passion within her.

    Korean Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago

    • 8.73
    • 584
    • 23,764
    • 8

    The beautiful Chae Young Un is used to dating guys and breaking up with them shortly after, but when one day she encounters the enigmatic first year student, Jang Yeon Ho, beating up a guy who had just stolen her wallet, their lives become unmistakable intertwined. Unable to leave him alone, Chae Young finds herself worrying and taking care of him as Jang Yeon Ho attempts to drive himself further and further into destruction. Is it pity or love that makes Chae Young Un care about Jang Yeon Ho? She's not so sure, but whatever it may be, Chae Young refuses to leave his side.

    Jang Yeon Ho is haunted by his past and Chae Young Un cannot leave him alone. And while Jang Yeon Ho tries to fend off her kindness, he slowly begins to find that living is a whole lot brighter with her by his side.

    A story about broken people finding love and redemption.

    Japanese Ginyuu Gikyoku Black Bard

    • 8.00
    • 111
    • 1,743

    The Black Bard, a lonely bard who travels around the perverse and charming world. Who will be delighted by his voice? What is the mystery surrounding this bard? This fantastic adventure told in the way of the bards, filled with mystery and intense drama, begins now!

    Japanese Metamorphose no Engawa

    • 8.84
    • 407
    • 9,488
    • 16

    A 75-year old widow becomes enamored with the cover of a BL manga. This becomes her entryway into the world of Boys' Love manga.

    Japanese Tokage

    • 8.57
    • 201
    • 5,915
    • 4

    Tokage, a soul cursed to forever wander the world, unable to rest nor to join the reincarnation cycle, is now looking for its release. This time Tokage enters the body of a newly dead girl named Yuuka, a shrine maiden. This body requires continual recharging from a highly spiritual person, whom the dead person must have had an attachment to. This person is Shinobu, a younger boy, who also lives in that shrine. Thus starts the adventures of Tokage and Shinobu in a world gone mad, amidst the chaos and carnage that gravitates to an unsent soul draw.

    Japanese Watashi no Muchi na Watashi no Michi

    • 7.53
    • 167
    • 4,371
    • 3

    Shimada Asami has always been doing as she's told: following the prescribed path. Though she loves playing the piano, she goes to a regular college instead of a conservatory, and in the same manner, Shimada's actions always fall within people's expectations without her ever kicking up a fuss. However, when a childhood friend reveals further intentions, Shimada becomes close to a female co-worker, and her life begins to change.

    Japanese Holiday Love - Fuufukan Renai

    • 3.50
    • 123
    • 6,203
    • 11

    Can a relationship survive after an affair? Azu is 30-year-old stay at home mom and she runs a nail salon in her apartment. While carrying the frustration of thinking that her husband Junpei (32) doesn't love her as a woman anymore, she raises the child they were blessed with and continues through the motions of everyday life.

    One day, while Azu is running her salon, a customer asks to borrow her cellphone, and shows her something dangerously entrancing. A few days afterward, she receives a notification from an unknown man, sending Junpei and Azu's relationship into the deep-end...

    From Yukari Koyama of the TV drama "Rose-Colored Crusade" comes a challenging original work! You are invited to the story of 4 married people that could take place anywhere, filled with temptation, betrayal, and broken hearts-- a true love story!

    Japanese Saraba, Yoki Hi

    • 8.62
    • 242
    • 7,102
    • 3

    Newlyweds Akira and Keiichi moved to a new place and are adjusting to their new lives. Akira works with kindergarteners while Keiichi is a writer.

    Japanese Otomodachi kara Hajimemashou

    • 8.27
    • 389
    • 4,082
    • 4

    Akira is a young girl who, while not a recluse, is incredibly awkward when it comes to socializing. She desperately wants to make a friend, but it seems like it will take ages before that will ever happen.

    Japanese Bokura wa Minna Shinde Iru ♪

    • 10.00
    • 123
    • 5,479
    • 3

    Eight men and women in heaven become couples and soon find themselves back on Earth participating in the "Love Game."

    Japanese Meiji Hiiro Kitan

    • 9.50
    • 242
    • 2,596
    • 3

    It’s the middle of the Meiji Era and our heroine, the little Suzu, is sold to the red lights district. However, the rich heir of a dry goods store Tsugaru buys her freedom for no apparent reason. She is deeply grateful for being saved, but she doesn’t understand why he paid so much money for her and the only explanation he offers is “we have a bond.” She tries to unravel the mystery of his feelings and gradually grows from a little girl to a young woman, always by his side. A gentle and slow-paced love story set in the Meiji Era.

    Japanese Kizu darake no Akuma

    • 0.00
    • 112
    • 1,957
    • 2

    Mai Kasai was part of a group of girls that brutally bullied fellow classmate Shino during middle school. Though she never directly bullied Shino, she watched her friends do the torture that forced Shino to transfer schools. Due to her father's work transfer, Mai transfers from her high school in Tokyo to a school in the countryside.

    Although Mai thinks she can have a fairly easy school life by manipulating the classroom hierarchy, her days are ruined when she finds out Shino is her new classmate. Now with a passion for revenge, Shino and Mai switch places, with the former becoming the mastermind, and the latter becoming the victim in bullying hell. [ANN]

    Japanese Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku

    • 9.04
    • 7,419
    • 139,518
    • 33

    The awkward, romantic comedy manga about geeks in love that inspired the new anime! Can a professional man who’s secretly a hardcore gamer and a woman who’s secretly a fujoshi date without their hobbies getting in the way, or revealing each other’s secrets?

    Narumi Momose has had it rough: every boyfriend she’s had dumped her once they found out she was an otaku, so she’s gone to great lengths to hide it. When a chance meeting at her new job with childhood friend, fellow otaku, and now coworker Hirotaka Nifuji almost gets her secret outed at work, she comes up with a plan to make sure he never speaks up. But he comes up with a counter-proposal: why doesn’t she just date him instead? In love, there are no save points.

    Japanese Boku No Orion

    • 8.74
    • 623
    • 13,175
    • 15

    During a rainy day, Samon stopped at a flower shop to take shelter from the storm. There he met Koito, the girl from that store that goes a year behind him at school. After that, when he finds himself involved in the love affairs of his classmates and finds himself alone in his class, Samon projects his fury on Koito saying "What amuses you so much so that you are always smiling?", And ends up hating himself. That made Samon anxious, and on graduation day, for some reason, Koito gives him a diary. Actually, Koito admired Samon. In that newspaper he said "Life during middle school was fun because you were there ...". Despite hating himself, Samon likes the things written about him in Koito's diary. Time passes and, upon entering the second year of high school, he reunites with Koito, who entered that school following him...

    Japanese Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi

    • 9.20
    • 189
    • 3,183
    • 2

    Corseltel, a sacred land where dragons and beastmen reside. Protected from the outside world by valleys and mountains, its inhabitants, including dragon mages (ryuujitsushi), live in harmony. The dragon mages are able to borrow and use the dragons' magic, but have to care for and look after the dragons in exchange.
    Several years ago, the late wind dragon mage picked up a child floating down stream in a crate. Now, the child has grown into Corseltel's greatest dragon mage, able to use all seven types of dragon magic: fire, earth, wood, water, wind, light, and dark. More like a dragon babysitter, caring after seven baby dragons, these are the adventures they face.

    Japanese Chouritsu Houmuru Zyklus;CODE

    • 6.17
    • 230
    • 3,995

    Musical instruments have minds and bodies, feelings and thoughts. When tossed aside and abandoned, they can become corrupted, even murderous. Petrauchka is an instrument unlike the others; she can't make music at all. After she's found by the mysterious Rentarou in a trash heap, they must team up to calm a despairing lute and perhaps reveal the secret to Petrauchka's lack of musical ability. Can Rentarou somehow unlock her latent talents?

    Japanese Ma no Kakera

    • 8.20
    • 117
    • 2,291
    • 1

    The prince of horror manga, Junji Itou, has released a new horror collection after 8 years of writing. It includes 7 stand-alone stories that are featured in「Nemuki+」and an additional story, Whispering Woman that was published in「シンカン」. This is one book that cannot be missed!

    Collection includes:
    Haunted Wood Mansion
    Tomio: Red Turtleneck
    Lingering Farewell
    Dissection Girl
    Black Bird
    Nanakuse Kyokumi
    Whispering Woman

    Japanese Planetary*

    • 8.00
    • 32
    • 1,044
    • 1

    The Planet Group is formed of powerful families that represent each planet in our solar system and the central Sun Family. Midori is the eldest son of the Earth Family, who is just now entering his high school life in the Planetary Academy. Other than his family name, however, Midori has little going for him. He doesn't get good grades and is shy and socially awkward.
    His low self-esteem isn't helped by the general disdain his father and younger brother openly show towards him. All they want is for him to not further "dirty" the family name, by staying silent and not standing out in public. But at his new high school, Midori is surprised by the kindness of the other Planet children, particularly Yuudai Jupiter, who takes Midori under his wing on the first day. Will attending the Planetary Academy mark the beginning of a change in Midori's life, or is there no hope for him after all?

    Korean Twenty's Lovestory

    • 7.40
    • 121
    • 3,269

    Kim Myung-Hyun's new story about a 20 year old woman. What does she want to do?

    Japanese Onee na Kareshi to Boyish Kanojo

    • 8.09
    • 443
    • 7,106
    • 7

    A boyish lady and a feminine young man. They share a very special bond, but everyday life issues threat their delicate relationship, could their love be stronger than society’s prejudices? Meet Nobuko and her protective yet tender boyfriend Chiyohiko and the friends who accompany them in this crazy ride that we call “life and human relationships”.

    Japanese Her

    • 8.00
    • 101
    • 2,322

    HER is a series of character portraits, loosely strung together by everyday circumstances.

    The story begins with a woman who wants to be loveable - and loved - and who has a fixation on shoes. Her hairdresser's fear of the future is the subject of the second chapter. A schoolgirl whose hair she cuts sees her older female neighbor kissing her female lover goodbye. In the past, the neighbor had a difficult relationship with her mother. The neighbor's lover was rejected by her first love. The couple sitting next to them at the cafe have their own issues.

    Japanese Watashi-tachi no Himitsu Jijou

    • 8.75
    • 288
    • 6,543
    • 10

    High school is traumatic enough, but as a new office lady (OL) she's terrified of men. By chance, she runs into a senior employee who also has a fear of women...?

    Japanese Dawn - Tsumetai Te

    • 7.67
    • 122
    • 2,038

    Nagasawa was just an average student... until one night he's bitten by a large, mutated rat on the way home. He's quarantined in the hospital for a while, but when he's released, all seems normal. But soon he's drawn to a man, that bears similar mutations to the rat, and Nagasawa kills him with ease. It turns out that Nagasawa is infected with a disease called "Nightshift" and he's a special case that let's him fight the insane infected, and he's employed by a medical agency to do just that.

    Japanese Someone's Laughing Outside the Room

    • 7.25
    • 23
    • 1,077

    At the end of the world, a boy wakes up to find an odd shiny orb next to him.

    Japanese Otona no Yoru no Otogibanashi

    • 0.00
    • 11
    • 1,096

    Como Asuka sueña con casarse con un hombre saludable, ella ha pulido su apariencia y su mente por igual. Ahora se rumorea que ella es la belleza más atractiva de la división de secretar� a de la compañ� a. Sin embargo, uno de sus amigos se escapó con la élite que ella deseaba casarse.

    Ella se emborrachó con desesperación, y se acostó con Yuroki, un sobrino del presidente de la compañ� a. Mientras tanto, Yuroki es asignado a la división de secretar� a, y la delicada relación entre él y Asuka comienza. Asuka que es inocente, cree que es una mujer competente, y Yuroki que es competente, cree que es un novato, desarrollando un dulce amor de una forma madura.

    También contiene un oneshot llamado Love Your Way.

    Japanese Kyuuketsuki no Uruwashiki Kekkon

    • 7.60
    • 80
    • 2,936

    This is compilation of 3 loosely connected stories of vampire/human romances, plus a short extra story.

    1) The Lie Becomes Love Under the Moon
    2) The Bride and Prince
    3) The Beautiful Lady and the Vampire

    Japanese Spotted Flower

    • 5.44
    • 1,178
    • 19,197
    • 29

    It's about the married life between a newlywed working otaku and his pregnant wife.

    Japanese Cotton no Mahou

    • 8.71
    • 100
    • 2,042
    • 2

    A down-on-her-luck witch comes home for tea.

    Portuguese / Português
    Uma bruxa sem sorte chega em casa e decide tomar chá.

    Japanese Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi

    • 8.72
    • 286
    • 10,518
    • 2

    Ayaka, who works at the Bridal department at a hotel, has a beauty that everyone recognizes, yet her personality is the worst. Everyone calls her a "wicked woman" after the way she wraps numerous men around her finger. The one who sets his eyes on her is the hotel's new executive Tougou, who is the son of a very powerful person of the town. What are the orders that this King-like man requests of her!?

    Included one-shot:
    Volume 1: ...Dame da, Koishiteru

    Japanese Tsukikage Baby

    • 8.36
    • 453
    • 13,692
    • 13

    In a small provincial town filled with a spirit of preservation for a traditional performance art called, "Owara," arrives Hotaruko, a transfer student from Tokyo. When a local boy named Hikaru catches her in an awkward stance in - what was supposed to be - an empty classroom, they form a strange bond. What's more, their bond makes way for an unexpected development?

    Korean Romantic Marbling

    • 10.00
    • 26
    • 1,748

    What if you could choose and get your ideal lover online?And what would you do if it actually happens? A story about a woman who gets a boyfriend online to get her ex jealous but instead, finds herself falling for that man, no matter how hard she tries not to.

    Chinese (Simp) Haomen Tianjia Qianqi

    • 7.20
    • 188
    • 14,428
    • 7

    Jianmo, known as the 'Campus Flower' gets separated from the other party after her boyfriend decides to study overseas after graduation. The couple decides to keep a distant relationship and wait for the other partner before starting their new life together.
    One evening, the female party gets into trouble after having a drink with one of her trusted ones, but little did she know about the nightmare that would follow, the nightmare that would come to change her for good..

    Korean Real Purple

    • 7.00
    • 33
    • 1,161
    • 1

    This is the story of two siblings, Joo-won and Hee-won, and one man determined to take Hee-won's heart. Both Joo-won and Hee-won feel isolated after their parents separate due to infidelity and remarriage, placing both of them in new families. However, Hee-won's new step brother, In-hyuk, notices Hee-won's suffering. Is he determined to take care of her, or is there something more?

    Japanese Aigan Cinderella

    • 5.50
    • 15
    • 1,779

    A collection of very smutty one shots. Pampered Cinderella: It was the worst day for Kawasumi Wakaba. She just got fired from her job and her former boyfriend was cheating on her and he got to keep the condo! What's worse is that after a night of heavy drinking she wakes up and a total hottie-who-must-be-a-celebrity tells her that she's now his sexy work maid! Love is Like a Fire: Hina is madly in love with her firefighter boyfriend, Ryuuji. But when her friend asks her if she's afraid of him ever getting hurt and never coming home some day, Hina starts to feel insecure. What's worse is that a male co-worker notices and decides to take advantage of the situation! Pleasant Travel: Kana and her boyfriend, Hiroto, finally got to go on vacation. But while Kana thought Hiroto would spend time with her, he gets a call from work and completely ignores her! Frustrated Kana meets up with her new friend Lisa and her boyfriend only to be dragged into something “fun”. A Dangerous Love is Next to You: Aya's childhood friend, Keiji, has always been rude and mean to her. When Aya finally gets a boyfriend, Keiji personally interferes!

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