• -- (8.07)
  • 616
  • 8,085
  • 2
Tachibana Otome, a 16-year-old otaku girl whose dream guy has "Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes," suddenly meets just that type of person in real life when Towada Oji transfers into her class... How will it go for her?
  • -- (7.66)
  • 2,023
  • 57,576
  • 36
Igarashi is now in college. The bittersweet memories that he left behind in childhood are now beginning to resurface when he meets his childhood friend Chiyo-chan again after 10 years.

Links: Coco's Twitter Page
  • -- (8.27)
  • 782
  • 30,697
  • 22
In a modern-day loli's home, a super handsome ancient Jinyiwei falls from the sky! Without parental care, the loli takes him as her closest person and even wants to become his bride?! Though he appears tsundere, cold, and picky on the surface, he finds it harder and harder to let go of her...

*Note: Jinyiwei (in English "embroidered military guard") were secret police in China during the Ming dynasty (see Wikipedia for more).
  • -- (7.55)
  • 417
  • 7,899
  • 1
Makoto is suddenly confessed to by her narcissistic childhood friend Kikuchi Reita. Not even just any confession, he stands in the street and publicly says "If you want a boyfriend that badly, I don't mind going out with you". Which was obviously a no, since Makoto has never considered Reita to be a man, especially a man of interest. What will become of her daily life now that Reita insists on her going out with him?
  • -- (0.00)
  • 35
  • 3,870
I didn't know there were so many kinds of "sweetness" before meeting Hanae san
  • -- (6.75)
  • 374
  • 10,582
  • 5
Mochizuki Mako decides to leave her home and enrolled in a boarding high school school known for it’s photography program. She moves into the dorms with her childhood friend, Kei and her classmate, Amemura who hates having his picture taken. First love and dreams, what will this fateful Spring bring…?
  • -- (6.00)
  • 11
  • 1,019
Miyuki is a high school student and loves basketball. She is involved in a love triangle. School affairs seem endless, will she find her true love?
  • -- (8.22)
  • 323
  • 19,342
  • 1
4koma comis of the Satsuriku no Tenshi manga
  • -- (6.35)
  • 238
  • 9,111
  • 2
Hinako Momose isn't very good with men and had been going to all-girls' school. For Hinako, the high school that she got into is a former all-boys school with only 4 girls who got in (including Hinako). Poor Hinako is getting teased by Mizuki, a boy who sits next to her in the class and the class representative Shun gives cold glares at her. What's going to happen to Hinako's school life?!
  • -- (7.00)
  • 29
  • 1,106
Manabe is a an ex-model who feels insecure about herself. She wants to live a life unnoticed by others, so at school, she's called "corner girl." She's always by herself, and doesn't associate with anyone. Its all about change when she accidentally meets her teacher, who also happens to be a photographer.
  • -- (6.80)
  • 248
  • 7,218
  • 2
Straight A student Yuka is a little too honest for her own good and has no friends but unexpectedly begins dating Haruomi after he helps her out of a difficult situation. The only problem is, Haruomi has a strict policy of dating someone new every Monday…
  • -- (8.33)
  • 54
  • 1,583
A Chinese author said: "Everybody needs to wear a mask. That is not entirely bad. If it makes you feel safe, do not take it off. Our male character also wears a mask. The mask is just cold in front of a girl and the fact that she completely forgets everythings about him .. Is that worth it when he knows the current status of that girl?
  • -- (7.77)
  • 274
  • 12,750
A naked hunk appeared, out of nowhere, in my house... and he can control ice?! Thus, the money-minded female master now uses him as a moneymaking machine. They slowly fall in love with each other after being together, but the 'Snow Man' has a condition that makes him unable to love. How will they overcome this problem and will they find true love?
  • -- (8.32)
  • 1,629
  • 56,512
  • 10
Uta, a teenage girl living with her older brother Reiichi and his wife Kaoru, experiences a feeling of great turmoil and unrequited feelings after realizing the fact that she has fallen in love with Kaoru. Even after consulting her friend a few times, Uta just can't get the thought of Kaoru out of her head and the consequences that could leave their relationship tumbling towards a dark road.

Follow this grim, and occasionally light-hearted, coming-of-age story that chronicles the life of an average teenage girl infatuated with her sister-in-law.
  • -- (7.00)
  • 29
  • 1,257
Everything begins with an odd looking amulet lost by a stranger and picked up by ordinary high school girl Fujimi. Wrong. Actually, it begins with a new, haunting song, and goes on with a monster chase into the night.
What is the secret behind all this?
  • -- (6.86)
  • 36
  • 2,346
"I want to get it on with my cute girlfriend!! But whenever the time is right, a ghost gets in my way?!"
  • -- (4.50)
  • 291
  • 4,725
  • 1
Cornered by delinquents, Katanabe Shino was just waiting for her end... until Tachibana-kun, her bad-tempered classmate, saves her. She then decides to give him a not so chaste "thank you gift"
  • -- (7.14)
  • 450
  • 16,061
  • 7
Hinata has to meet her fiance to respect the decision of his grandfather. But she will never marry a man younger than her!? Will she never be able to... !?
  • -- (7.98)
  • 1,104
  • 39,853
  • 4
Xing Zi hates guys, because whenever she bumps into them she hiccups! However one day she bumped into a guy with a bad reputation, but she didn't even hiccup!?
  • -- (8.36)
  • 1,613
  • 42,643
  • 11
Nike is the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom and one who holds the power to call forth the rain. Despite her own reluctance, for the sake of her country she travels to the Sun Kingdom to marry Sun King Livius. She soon discovers that the King, who conquered the world within only three years of ascending to the throne, is actually... a child?! Furthermore, for trivial reasons, he demands that Nike call forth the rain...!?
  • -- (8.13)
  • 10,439
  • 324,437
  • 107
One day, 22-year-old Kanzaki Misuzu is mysteriously dragged into another world. Based on the status screen she can access, it seems she's entered some kind of RPG as a magic user! Luckily for her, she can use the gaming skills she acquired as an otaku to make her way in this new world. But before she knew it, people started calling her "the Black Healer"!!
  • -- (8.16)
  • 1,208
  • 19,989
  • 10
Meet Colette, a young doctor. Since she's the only doctor in town, she has to attend to everything, and quite honestly, she thinks she needs a break. One day, she's so frazzled that she jumps into a well.

But, she didn't die? Instead, she finds herself in the underworld, where she encounters Lord Hades.

Somehow or the other, she becomes Hades' doctor. Follow Colette in her new (though still busy) life, now with Hades thrown into the picture!
  • -- (8.37)
  • 974
  • 18,927
  • 12
While her friends are interested in cute cafés and getting boyfriends, Yanagi Riku finds it hard to talk about what she actually likes. They also think that her interest in the hot but unsociable Fushimi-kun is in bad taste, but she actually has a crush on him. One day, instead of accompanying her friends to the popular new café they found, she secretly seeks out an old café in order to indulge in her own interests: old-fashioned things!

When the person at the counter turns around, she finds out that it is Fushimi-kun! He actually invites her to talk and they find out that they have similar tastes, and promise to talk again, but the next day he's unsociable as ever.

Portuguese / Português
O Mangá fala sobre uma garota que gosta de coisas retro e um garoto que é bartender em uma cafeteria retro.
  • -- (8.63)
  • 4,406
  • 71,261
  • 41
Urano, a bookworm who had finally found a job as a librarian at a university, was sadly killed shortly after graduating from college. She was reborn as the daughter of a soldier in a world where the literacy rate is low and books were scarce. No matter how much she wanted to read, there were no books around. What is a bookworm to do without any books? Make them, of course. Her goal is to become a librarian! So that she may once again live surrounded by books, she must start by making them herself.

Adapted from web novel (raw) / light novel of same name.
  • -- (6.00)
  • 82
  • 1,635
Kuini and Yilou must travel to Tyzzer, an unknown village, to prevent a nameless threat, or the world will end in 80 days. Along the way, they team up with the apprentice artist Lang, who is also traveling to Tyzzer to find the mythical dragons. The way to Tyzzer is filled with danger, mystery, mischief, and… fatal hilarity.

Will they ever get to their destination?

Please read left to right!
  • -- (7.50)
  • 39
  • 1,675
  • 1
Two souls are linked by a heirloom rose garden.
  • -- (6.67)
  • 73
  • 1,918
Yuina can't figure out why her boyfriend keeps avoiding her.
  • -- (5.00)
  • 35
  • 1,796
  • 2
Come spring, Nishiwaki Haruka becomes a second year high school student. For a second time. Due to accidents and illnesses, she didn't have enough attendance, thus the repeat year. She transferred to Yamabuki High to run away from her old friends. One day, the baseball team from her old high school came for a friendly match, and Haruka bumped into some old friends. Her new classmate, Ono Kenta, found out her secret. She agreed to be the manager-cum-player to their weakling baseball team in order to keep him from telling her secret...
  • -- (7.67)
  • 169
  • 3,334
From Paperdolls Project:

Instead of her father, Hina is the one running the duties of the Building Manager in "Apricot House". One day, she accidentally destroys the keyboard of Apricot House room 304 strange resident. Hina is then asked by this strange guy to run errands for him as reimbursement. In truth, the strange guy residing in 304 is the charismatic vocals of the popular band ...... What will be his true face!? Chicks usually will change rapidly in the face of a cool stage -! Slowly, the world that Hina knows is changing. Experience this speed ​​of sound love story!
  • -- (8.83)
  • 2,071
  • 57,688
  • 20
One day, Chateau, a bounty hunter belonging to an assassin organization, encounters the mysterious bounty hunter Ryang-ha. After being shown the overwhelming difference in their abilities and thinking that this is going to be her end, Ryang-ha's only demand from her is to exchange their contact information. And thus started a game of cat and mouse, in which the hands of the participants are fully covered in blood...
  • -- (6.82)
  • 279
  • 8,663
  • 5
Alice is a person with a firm character. Her daily routine is looking after her childhood friend, Yuutarou. But that changes when a certain person makes his appearance...?
  • -- (8.70)
  • 410
  • 4,004
  • 3
Studious and plain university student, Kim Yeseul, becomes the muse of genius makeup artist, Cheon Yuseong.
  • -- (8.27)
  • 553
  • 11,509
  • 2
Miko leaves the house of her parents to live with her uncle who runs a boarding house, but her first meeting with Matsunaga-san isn't good and then he discovers that she is one of her uncle's tenants. Even as a secondary student she surrounds herself with university students who have a very different life from her own. Can she fit into her new home?
  • -- (7.87)
  • 1,236
  • 29,102
  • 12
Upon first sight Machida Yuki knows that she doesn’t want anything to do with Naruse Shou, but how can she keep her cool when he is a part of the basketball club she manages?
  • -- (8.22)
  • 693
  • 20,538
  • 9
I haven't seen it yet, or felt it, this so-called "true love", but I'll find it. Izumi Sara thinks there is nothing more important and beautiful than love. With this in mind she meets Kujou-kun and so the story begins.
  • -- (8.42)
  • 356
  • 11,098
  • 4
Gong Yoo-Il is an aspiring writer on the hunt for a job and a die-hard fan of the idol, Ryu-Min. Tak Moo-Yi is a top actor with legions of fans. Add a mysterious stalker, and chaos ensues. This is the story of a one-of-a-kind romance!
  • -- (7.33)
  • 313
  • 5,870
  • 3
Yanagawa Rikka is a student from Armeria, a school where only 30 students are attending.
Little did Rikka realized that she was actually the one chosen by God to protect the world from the almighty God of the Death.
  • -- (7.00)
  • 33
  • 1,021
A girl who, despite her boyish appearance, is secretly in love with ballet dancing...
  • -- (6.93)
  • 348
  • 13,295
The protagonist Yukari and the twin brothers Shun and Ou have grown up like a family ever since they were children. However, their relationship begins changing on the first day of high school...?
  • -- (7.11)
  • 50
  • 1,696
"Two high-school girls have an obvious attraction to each other, but one struggles with returning those feelings due to how others react to the possibility of them being together."

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