Japanese Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa Gaiden

  • 7.40
  • 55
  • 3,237
  • 1

A series of side stories focusing on each of the Gold Saints from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas exploring their lives, mostly events which occurred before those of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas.

Japanese Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas

  • 7.56
  • 43
  • 1,957
  • 2

This manga tells the story of the previous Holy War, taking place in the 18th century, 250 years before the original series, in the Saint Seiya universe. The story centers on the relation between Tenma, the Pegasus Saint and his beloved friend, Alone, who would eventually become his greatest enemy, Hades.

The story takes place in the same time period as Saint Seiya Next Dimension.

Japanese Delivery

  • 6.75
  • 62
  • 1,928
  • 1

Delivery consists of a series of stories which paint a bleak and realistic picture of the women in the water trade, i.e, prostitution. Something for more mature readers with a dash of tragedy thrown in.


  • 0.00
  • 37
  • 1,005
  • 1

The story features the Justice League heading to Gotham City to protect the world from the Joker and an alliance of super-villains.

Japanese The Day She Jumped

  • 0.00
  • 15
  • 419

From Ochibichan:

“Recruiting those who want to finish it and die, but feel sad doing it alone…”
Fed up with everything, Mie posted a notice on an Internet Bulletin Board and found suicide-partners. Four boys and girls were gathered together because of their ties to death. And then…?!

A collection of oneshots dealing with psychological themes like death, suicide and bullying.

Japanese Kieli

  • 8.00
  • 28
  • 460

Kieli sees ghosts. It’s an odd ability for a 14-year-old girl, and it makes her a bit of an outcast at her boarding school. Her only friend, in fact, is the (semi-) departed spirit of a girl who used to inhabit her room. That is until the two encounter a young man who appears to share Kieli’s “gift.” It doesn’t take long to discover, though, Harvey is an altogether different sort of creature — one of the infamous Undying, the reanimated corpse of a dead soldier. Could it be that in this cursed fellow Kieli has finally found a kindred spirit? Throwing in her lot with this strange, soulless man and his possessed radio, she means to find out…

Japanese High Speed!

  • 0.00
  • 1
  • 436

Nanase Haruka is a sixth-grade elementary school student who loves connecting with the water and feeling the water as he swims, and he attends a local swim club together with his childhood best friend Tachibana Makoto and Hazuki Nagisa, one year younger than the both of them. Then, one winter’s day as graduation draws near, Matsuoka Rin transfers into Haruka and the others’ school from another swim club. Through swimming, Haruka strengthens his bonds with Makoto and Nagisa, as well as with Rin–at which point Rin, with his passion for the medley relay, suggests they form a team together and enter a tournament.

This is the novel that the anime Free! is based on in manga form at last!