Japanese Kekkai Sensen

  • 10.00
  • 298
  • 3,411

Three years ago, a gateway between Earth and the "Beyond" opened over the city of New York. In one terrible night, New York was destroyed and rebuilt, trapping New Yorkers and extra-dimensional creatures alike in an unassailable island, a world all its own hidden in the mist of its physics-defying waterfalls.
New York has been rechristened Hellsalem's Lot, a paranormal melting pot where magic and madness dwell alongside the mundane, where every form of human vermin gathers to exploit otherworldly assets for earthly profit. Now someone is threatening to breach the controlled flow of harmless, average humans and items in and (much more rarely) out of the city and thereby release Hellsalem's Lot's deluge of horrors on the outside world. The mysterious super-agents of "Libra" fight the impossible to prevent the unthinkable.

Japanese Trigun Badlands Rumble

  • 9.00
  • 54
  • 950

Vash is caught in a sticky situation with the evil Dodongo Bros. until Wolfwood saves him and they retreat. In the city, they meet with two men who want to hire Vash & Wolfwood to protect their city from those very same Dodongo Bros.

A two-chapter story in preparation for the new Trigun movie!

NOTE: the first chapter of Trigun Badlands Rumble appeared in monthly seinen magazine Young King Ours on March 30, 2010; the second chapter - on April 30, 2010. That's a two-chapter manga, NOT a one-shot.

Japanese Kekkai Sensen: Back 2 Back

  • 9.55
  • 278
  • 6,828

Kekkai Sensen: Back 2 Back centers around the crime fighting organization "Libra" and their battles in Hellsalem's Lot, formerly known as New York City. Hellsalem's Lot was created in a single night when a portal to the "Beyond" opened, and now it is a paranormal melting pot of monsters, magic, and the everyday mundane city life. It's up to Libra to prevent the horrors of this city from spreading to the outside world.

Japanese Trigun Maximum

  • 9.20
  • 168
  • 2,297
  • 3

Vash the Stampede rises again! It's been two years since the mysterious and super-nice gunman went into hiding, and the people of his desert planet are suffering. It takes a friend in peril to bring him out, and when he does, his enemies come chasing... as well as those crazy insurance girls, Millie and Meryl. And Wolfwood the wandering priest? Well, that's who found him in the first place! The gang's all back, and the trouble is coming in Trigun Maximum.

Japanese Trigun

  • 8.75
  • 194
  • 1,759
  • 1

Vash the Stampede is a gunman on the run with a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head which has made it difficult for him to go anywhere without being chased and shot at. Because of the bounty, every town he ever visit ends up being destroyed because of his pursuers, and miracliously, no one ever gets killed.
Meryl and Milly are two insurance agents that have been sent to find Vash the Stampede and keep him under surveillance so no more damage is caused. Meryl, who leads the pair, can't believe that the man they have met can possibly be the legendary gunman.
This spikey haired, gangly, and blonde young man is extremely friendly, a pacifist, hates blood and suicide, absolutely loves donuts, and is a dork and a crybaby...there is no way he could he be Vash the Stampede, a notorious outlaw. However, there's more to Vash than just smiles and doughnuts.