Japanese GOD EATER -the 2nd break-

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Three years after the events from the game God Eaters Burst, Alisa and Soma are sent on a mission to scout for spots to build a new residential area. Along the way they come across trouble of both the Aragami variety and the human variety.

Japanese Chouritsu Houmuru Zyklus;CODE

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Musical instruments have minds and bodies, feelings and thoughts. When tossed aside and abandoned, they can become corrupted, even murderous. Petrauchka is an instrument unlike the others; she can't make music at all. After she's found by the mysterious Rentarou in a trash heap, they must team up to calm a despairing lute and perhaps reveal the secret to Petrauchka's lack of musical ability. Can Rentarou somehow unlock her latent talents?

Japanese Karneval Anthology

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A collection of stories done by various artists.

Japanese Are you Alice?

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After throwing away his dreams, a boy wanders into "Wonderland" and holds the name of "Alice," which is the primary requirement in the "Game to kill the White Rabbit." In a crazy story where common sense does not apply and everything is bound by the rules of the game and the orders of the Queen of Hearts, Alice decides to take the gun in his hand.

Japanese Arcana 10 - Conflict / Secret Societies

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Volume 10 : Conflict & Secret Societies

1. Ranpo-sensei Laughs Like This by Takayama Shinobu

2. Secret Mission by Saeki Yashiro

3. Fang by Kawazoe Mariko & Nakamura Sachiko

4. Black Swastika Army by Katagiri Ikumi

5. Mushroom and Kappa - A Fierce Conflict of Honourable Men by Magami Guriko

6. The Order of Young Knights by Kayase Shiki

7. Rindou by Asada Yasuka

8. Hideout by Akanatsu

9. Un Orso by Mizuhara Kenta

10. Be Enthusiastic, Father! by Inui Miku

11. A Promise by Seno Tatsune & Takamiya Aya

12. Let’s Meet at the Secret Society by Kinoshita Sakura

13. Will O' the Wisp by Kouzuki Leo

14. The Village of the Secret Agreement by Ueda Shinshu

15. At the End of an Endless Desire by Akai Higasa

16. Demon King Time by Kanou Ruri

17. Messenger of Justice ★ Moonlight Organisation by Usaki Hitomi

Japanese Zanbara!

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Ichiyo and Akehiko (both 15 years old) have been brought up in an amicable environment at a prosperous restaurant in Japan. They live a safe, happy life, but, as was the norm in feudal Japan, they train at the local dojo with determination to become strong. The times are turbulent, and the streets of nineteenth century Japan brim with violence. Under such conditions, the boys will have to learn what it means to wield a sword, to take someone’s life, and to understand the precarious life of living by the sword.

Japanese Hitokiri Share-House

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In the 27th year of an alternate Meiji era (where the kanji used for "Meiji" mean "maze"). A self-proclaimed samurai named Naguri travels from the countryside to the capital Asakusa to achieve his dream, and he moves into a share house. In Asakusa spirits, samurai, and technology coexist.