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Violette, a proud and beautiful daughter of a duke, commits a crime out of jealousy towards her half-sister. Convicted, she faces her own heart with sincerity in a prison cell and regrets her sin. Then time rewinds to a turning point—to her first meeting with Maryjun one year ago.

Violette makes a decision. She will not make mistakes this time. Without committing a crime and bothering anyone, she will live an ordinary, plain and inconspicuous life...! However, incidents contrary to Violette's expectations occur one after another...?!
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Tachibana Otome, a 16-year-old otaku girl whose dream guy has "Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes," suddenly meets just that type of person in real life when Towada Oji transfers into her class... How will it go for her?
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An anthology of original stories:
-Pink Strawberry
-Lovely Mental Distortion
-Girls in the Hell
-There's nobody who wants to cry