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  • Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

    How long do I have to wait for the next chapter ;-;

  • Sekai Saikyou no Kouei: Meikyuukoku no Shinjin Tansakusha

    The light novel feels like a draft compared to this. Overall, it's okay I guess. Lacking information in some areas but has too much information in others. Despite this covering the first light novel volume, it still feels like not a lot happened. There are entire chunks that can be cut down and the gap can be filled by other, better, content.

  • Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

    @DanTheMan6383 Ah, I had my H-setting turned off by default, but now I see there are indeed a lot of H-doujins for this series.

  • Virgin Extinction Island


  • Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

    @bugmenot2 I think he's talking about the 18+ doujins, not the actual series itself.

  • U12 (Under 12)

    @DANDAN_THE_DANDAN It's still awful, but it jumped the shark so hard that it reached into the realm of actually kind of interesting. Like watching a train barrel off a cliff or something, except it somehow keeps landing on more and more improbably placed tracks, and you just have to see how it'll eventually explode.

  • Father's Lust

    Q : where is the mother? what happened?

  • Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.

    Kishi looking kinda bae there

  • Checkpoint

    This is quite interesting read. But there are some issues that I can't ignore. Worst of all, it is frustrating to read every chapter. MC is completely unrealistic. I don't mean his character flaws, what I mean is that author forcefully changes his decisions to put MC in some dangerous situation. Any animal (chimps good example) would learn from their mistakes given experience MC had. MC doesn't do that. We have 2 dangerous identical situations. That would tell you enough about MC. Second issue is pacing. We jump from one situation to another without any world building, character development or meaningful side characters. So all this manga has is interesting premise. Story is non existent, pacing is horrible, drama/thrill is artificially forced which means characters are completely unrealistic. i like art so that's it. It is solid 6 and that is solely on art and premise.

  • Do You Want to Try?


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