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  • Last Letter Game


  • Last Letter Game


  • Filter : Year of publication

    I'm surprised this hasn't been suggested yet ? I may have missed it but it doesn't seem listed in the megathread. Suggestion : to be able to add/edit the year of publication of a manga and the possibility to filter (using a slide ?)/search series by setting a min/max year of publication. ie. : searching for a 90s manga : set the slider (2 slides or a single one with two points) at 1990 up to 1999. The years of publication could look like 1999 - 2014, when searching for 1990 - 1999 manga, it'd show up. But when searching for 2000 - 2010 manga it'd also show up using this. So maybe also add a box to check if you only wish to see series' first publication date. In this case, it would show up in the 1990 - 1999 search but not in the 2000 - 2010.

  • Request for group takeover

    User ID: 89996 Group ID: 6097

  • Need help with manga

    I need help with the manga called ( peerless dad ) I would like to buy the manga but I don’t find any way to do that can some one tell me where is their websites so I can buy it please thx 🙂

  • MangaDex Network: Free Hosting For Scanlators!

    @venfare We might have an alternative we could use. We'll get back to you. Yup. We can offer Indonesian groups a domain if they want one.

  • MangaDex Network: Free Hosting For Scanlators!

    @venfare bro i'm from indonesia too. just stick with dot-org for now. as long as those fun-hating govvy guys aren't blocking that we're good

  • MangaDex Network: Free Hosting For Scanlators!

    I, for one, welcome our new overlords.

  • Alternate ways to access Mangadex Scanlation Hosting Network

    Copy-paste from 4th post from the thread. TL;DR: Any alternative way to access scanlation hosting service beside using mangadex(dot)com? I'm sorry if i sound like a party poopers, but mangadex(dot)com is blocked in my country . Is there any alternative way to access the hosting service beside from the mangadex(dot)com? Say alternate address like mangadex(dot)moe or scanlationdex(dot)org? or maybe you could setup proxy to access the hosting service? Also I think my country is more likely to block the website if you use (dot)com, consider that (dot)org still accessible without using any proxy service, be it vpn or dnscrypt. I'm sorry if this post is too long. Thank you.

  • MangaDex Network: Free Hosting For Scanlators!

    All hail the Great Mangadex Zaibatsu.

  • My First Time Is with.... My Little Sister!?

    And when they're about to do it, chapters got deleted. Poor guy still a virgin till the end lol

  • Fudatsuki no Kyoko-chan

    @CodeGears The romance is between him and Hibino. His relationship with his sister is another thing entirely. Rant mode on: People treat this series far too harshly because it came when there was an outrage at other series presenting abusive female characters. Every single reaction a character in this series has is a perfectly explainable reaction, and not a single character does anything out of spite or any other bad reasons. Hikari treats Kenji harshly becaus she saw him doing something that can easily, easily be mispercieved as sexual assault towards his own sister. So her aggression is totally justifiable, because only we readers know that it was an accident. But, she's getting used to him and being much tamer as the chapter goes. His sister is also pretty tame, and she acts within their confort zone, and we can clearly see that this is how they act towards each other. But people still hate her, because they already came to hate characters that show similar trait, they project those characters onto her and hate her. Their cousin is a tomboy, and I understand why people dislike how she treats Kenji, she's the character that is closest to being an actual bitch due to how she always treats Kenji harshly with no reason, but seriously she's acting like a normal cousin, she may go a bit too extreme in her joking around, but she's not doing this to bully Kenji. She'd probably stop with some proper conversation, as hers are just jokes that go too far because she doesn't think things through. Rant mode off...

  • Jishou Akuyaku Reijou na Konyakusha no Kansatsu Kiroku

    @Tenshinchigi Thanks for replying, though I had already looked into it. I actually read some of the translations, though for some of the chapters the only translation I could find was hard to read due to terrible formatting.

  • Assassin de aru ore no Sutetasu ga Yuusha yori mo Akiraka ni Tsuyoi Nodaga


  • Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan!!

    It's interesting that in a lot of ways, this is actually better than the original... Worse in other ways, but still...

  • Cross Manage

    One of the few manga I have Re-read.

  • Minori to Hyakunin no Ojousama

    Mind me not, for i am looking for another injection of insulin

  • The Hwarang Next Door

    What the heck did I just read?????

  • Jishou Akuyaku Reijou na Konyakusha no Kansatsu Kiroku

    @gouder It's been a common thing since 1 year ago i think? Well they are mostly novels, but seems like it's the time for their manga adaptation to pop out

  • Mata, Kata Omou.

    Well, didn't expecting that kind of story....... well.....I'll just wait and see what happen next i guess

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