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  • Scanlater status

    Hmm. Being ignored. I thought this would be a good idea. All other reader sites have it, but this one does not.

  • Request for group takeover

    User ID:4308 Group ID: 6104 No website, just one person doing one series.

  • What Light Novel are you reading currently

    Recently I'd been reading Sayonara Piano Sonata, since I enjoyed the manga and wanted to see where it continued off after: Though I don't usually read a lot of light novels, I do plan to read more (in JP) as my Japanese improves

  • Looking For Help With a Manga

    I’m looking for a group or individuals who can help out with the scanlation of a shounen ai Hibari ga Naitara Tsukamaete. I’m a Japanese translation with some prior experience in translating manga and novels so I’m looking for Cleaners, Redrawers, Typesetters and Proofreaders. Contact me if interested! Discord: hasr11#9300 Email:

  • Last Letter Game


  • Yet another thread to find out a manga's name

    😀 That's it! Thank you! I'm assuming it was a light novel translation? I'll have to look into that too. (Hopefully someone will start working on it again)

  • Copied: Shoujo/josei with a male mc pov instead

    Yah, demographics is defined principally by the magazine that a series published in. That's by definition. I feel that for the most part, the demographic actually does accurately capture the "feel" of a series (whatever that means). Magazines have editorial oversight who decide which series are a good fit and which ones aren't for their publication, so I think demographic classifications are more or less consistent with what most people expect them to be. There are a few outliers that don't really fit their label, of course, but I don't think they're that common. And I guess the very clear-cut unambiguous definition of "the magazine it's published in" is a good thing because then people don't get into edit wars. But then of course there are manga has been published in multiple magazines with different demographics, there are magazines out there that are neither shounen, seinen, shoujo, nor josei (e.g. yuri magazines, children's magazines), there are series that aren't even published in magazines (e.g. doujinshi, Pixiv/Twitter comics), and so on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But anyway, back on topic, here are the ones with male MC POV that I know about! Mint na Bokura: A middle school comedy romance shoujo manga, with some crossdressing shenanigans. I thought it was cute and fun to read. The POV focus here is Noel, and he really wants to go to the same school as his twin sister, but the school only had one vacancy in the girls' dormitory. So, Noel disguises himself as a girl to attend the school. (The headmaster is pretty easygoing, so she allowed it.) Coda: A ballet-centric shoujo manga, also with some crossdressing shenanigans. The MC here is really good at ballet :) Shounen Oujo: A josei manga. Political intrigue, twins and body double shenanigans, and more crossdressing. Also, dayyyyum, Theodore grows up so much after the timeskip >_< Dadadadan: A slapstick comedy shoujo manga. Shiro is adorable <3 Ame Nochi Hare: A coming of age school life shoujo manga. It's about these 6 boys who enter high school and suddenly find themselves transforming into girls whenever it rains. Kagerou Daze: This is either shoujo, josei, or shounen; not sure which (MU, MAL, and Wikipedia give conflicting information...) Based off of Jin's Vocaloid songs (the most famous of which happens to be called... Kagerou Daze). Involves time loops, children with red eyes, supernatural powers, August 15, AND LOTS OF DYING (plz Jin I just want these kids to be happy). Tsuzuki wa Mata Ashita: A really cute slice of life josei manga about a boy, his younger sister, their father, and their new neighbours who just moved in. Pika Ichi: A school life drama shoujo manga with one of the more unique premises that I've seen. A female-male protagonist duo: The super-plain Suzuki Hanako, and the super-plain Suzuki Tarou. Gosh, what a transformation, those two. They're great, I love them.

  • Yet another thread to find out a manga's name

    Boukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S Rank ni Natteta. yes it has a long title. I wanted to read the novel but the translation go stopped :(

  • Yet another thread to find out a manga's name

    I found a manga about an adventuror who had lost his leg and retired, then found an abandond child in the woods. The child grew up to be a famous adventuror while the father remained in the village as a handyman/adventuror I think the rest of the manga is about them reuniting, but wasn't able to get very far before accidently losing it. Any help greatly appreciated!

  • Inbox Conversation History crashed - There is a limit to how many messages one page can handle in the Message Thread/Conversation History

    @Grindstone We'll look into it and let you know when its fixed!

  • Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

    Good ending but it can be better. The ending lacking 'oomph' maybe because it have sequel.

  • Mad Maid with Odd Powers

    another waifu commin up next chp 😙

  • Piano no Mori

    NUuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHAPTERS!*Table flip* Seriously I was just reading chapter 78 and suddenly they all disappeared all the way to the last chapter >3>/. . . I hope this gets fixed soon -.-' It's a great manga and this is my fourth time re-reading it! I've only ever gotten to chapter 137 because I've been reading it since translations were only available at 30 chapters... But now that it was fully translated! You know- I was kinda hoping o.o Kinda excited- BUT WHY? *rages and rants that the chaps were deleted* T~T I'm sorry.... I hope someone notices the chaps got- (Hopefully accidentally) -Deleted...

  • Isekai de Café o Kaiten Shimashita.

    @plasma1492 Pretty sure the authour's intent was that the goddess will have brought the MC to the world in order to fill a hole in the world she created, that hole is bland food culture. That is the feeling I get from reading up to this point. The goddess creating a world and developing the people to an advanced point but later realizing, "Whoopsies, forgot to install how to make the food taste good into their brain bits. Lets abduct someone to teach them for me Tee-hee~" would probably be TL;DR.

  • Yomawari Sensei

    Based on true story?

  • SHWD - Special Hazardous Waste Disposal

    Strong 😍

  • My Wife is a Man

    y'all need jesus, maybe 2 or more jesus stay dehydrated faggots

  • Witch Hat Atelier

    Volume 4 cover

  • Uramichi Oniisan

    The best isekai of them all.

  • Apollo

    Oh man this one is bad, the action is just 1 hit clear, the story is bland and the main character literally doesn't do anything the whole oneshot mmm...

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