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  • Interview: _anq

    Welcome everyone, to our second interview! I know both on the forums and on our Discord I said we'd be doing bi-weekly interviews, but I was so blown away by the positive feedback and the interactions between scanlators and readers that I decided to get this interview out a week early since it was ready to go. This week, I decided to interview _anq, leader of the appropriately named group _anq. I'm also experimenting with slight changes to the format of the interviews. These are early days yet. In upcoming interviews I may decide to try having a real time conversation instead of offering prepared questions before hand. Be patient with me folks! Enjoy the interview: (quote) Well, there you have it! Please, feel free to ask @_anq additional questions and thank them for their time conducting this interview! And seriously, I can't recommend their work enough. Check out Yancha Gal if nothing else.

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  • Last Letter Game


  • Last Letter Game


  • Any Tux users floating about?

    @Kiruzu They were not a linux user, and I would never send them off to gentoo (wouldn't even make a good joke). That was just a list of things I hate about windows. I would recommend Ubuntu for noobs, but I have generally given up on convincing people to change OS(though I will help them if they bring it up). The one who failed to install chrome was an external customer. They use a school issued laptop, win10 professional. They were not locked down in any way. Obviously, they should not be trusted with admin privileges, but not my choice to make. I do manage a company's computers as well. I primarily manage them via group policy, and occasionaly use PS with Invoke-Command to batch execute things on all computers. But, other than application installing, all issues listed remain. Though, admittedly the RAM issue is only on the bosses computer and one external client(7/8GB used after boot). I can't fix it (well, I can... but it takes less than 48hrs for him to mess it up again. He wont let me remove admin privs from him). For me, the laptop issue has always been on ones with NVidia GPU, 4 different laptops so far (3 win7 and 1 win10. Haven't had it with radeon or intel integrated graphics yet). My memory isn't the best reference though, its possible its not GPU specific. The Cab space eating problem is related to log file compression problem with makecab.exe. It doesn't occur often, but you will definitely notice if it does. I do not remember if their is a work around (disable whatever service calls makecaband/or auto-delete the log files. Though it is an issue that occurs less than once per 5 years for me) Mac would be great, but I can't convince them to switch to that, despite the fact they all use iphones and ipads. One issue is the licensed programs they use that only work on windows. Though, honestly, our main problem is no one wants to make the switch and learn a new OS's UI (we just recently started migrating to win10 for the same reason, can't teach an old dog new tricks I guess) Yes, I am working alone, in an organization I would rather not be in TBH. And I do not use linux in that organization. I use it for the home server. We have win7 and win10 professional here as well, which I manage with the samba v4 AD server(selinux setup for it was a pain). Work uses the win16 server. though I do have a linux box there acting as a VPN and unifi server. We have a Meraki firewall that works OK for VPN, but IKEv2 was wanted for more reliable phone connectivity.

  • Oceans Translation is recruiting

    Still looking for a translator!!!

  • Any Tux users floating about?

    How can someone not know how to install something properly and use Gentoo, lmao, never seen someone non-dev manage to use a Linux OS without complaining in 10 minutes (because it's annoyingly verbose) The company I work for has never ran into the issues you describe, mostly because they focus on imaging all tools necessary. Any additional software that needs to be installed and they'll just remote in and do it for them with a simple call. If you're a dev you have admin rights, you can't be a dev and not know how to install a program (or the interview process has failed). You honestly just might have shit luck. I've never, ever, encountered a big CBS log file in the 10-15 years I've personally used Windows, nor have I seen anything related to that in IT. 15.9GB/16GB RAM usage occurs with shit images--and it happened to our IT department. Fuck Android Studio by the way. After fixing the images, it's fine. Your laptop issues are weird--this happens to any older units without an iGPU from Intel. Think that happened to me personally a few times in like '07-'09 in the Vista era, but after that I've literally never seen it occur again. This is a sample size of 1 though, since I wasn't even able to work then. Mac is a godsend for any marketing team. Perfectly restrictive, has the App Store, and all the goodies you'd ever want. Fantastic. Most people are familiar with them if they work on the creative side, so it's perfect. Not sure how you can use Linux with an organization that has a wide variety of computer literacy (I'm assuming you're IT [and the only one] for your org).

  • Favourite Delinquent manga?

    Kyoaku Gakuen! It’s obviously the most bad ass delinquent manga ever, featuring people like Idi Amin lol. Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous is also in the league.

  • Last Letter Game


  • Last Letter Game


  • Any Tux users floating about?

    Nice to see another Gentoo user! My wallpaper is dynamic, here is an old screencast of mine from back when I was still using X11/Awesome(WM). Back then I had a very small set of pictures marked SFW. Now my image db is a little bigger and better. Yes, my wallpaper is nothing but 5000+ anime/manga pictures taken mostly from (also notice I was playing minecraft. I was asked to record some flying guy by my lil bro since his pc ad trouble encoding vids while mc was running) Since this was recorded, I have gained another monitor which is in portrait mode. My BG manager was programed to place portrait photos on it, and landscape on the other 2. You can also see my conky (nvidia GPU monitor unfortunately doesn't work when booting with nouveau). I can't tell you how long I spent writing that spinning conky. It speeds up, goes faster clockwise, and turns a deeper red for worse conditions (heavy load, running out of space, high temperature). And spins slowly (and even counter clockwise), with a yellow or gray color for favorable conditions. @Kiruzu Why I hate windows: 15.9/16GB ram used with no fg applications running and top memory using process only holding 1.3M (but thousands of instances of it). 1 windows update is corrupt, your computer refuses to install any other updates bc of it and isn't intelligent enough to checksum it and re-download. Laptop resumes from suspend, but on random occasions, the screen stays off.... (possibly nvidia specific bug, has existed since at least 2011, don't expect a fix) Over 500GB of HDD/SSD space gets consumed by C:\Windows\Temp (A persistent temp folder, not auto-deleted at reboot) bc windows log compressor fails miserably (google Huge CBS.log). Bug existing at least since 2015. I still occasionally get this with up2d8 win 7, win server 2016, win8.1, and win10. All of them but server are " professional" edition. No App Store. Win10 pretends to have one, but in the end, to get anything useful you have to go to the publishers website. Something I don't trust the average windows user to be competent enough to do (ever watched someone go to, search for chrome, and then download an infested version from a random website you have no clue how they found? Right after I finished a fresh install as well). Though, I probably run into these problem a lot more often than a normal user does since I am managing 20+ peoples computers. Ofc, GNU/Linux isn't free of bugs (off the top of my head, heartbleed and Dirty Cow were 2 major incidents). But our community at least owns up to it, and if the devs don't fix it, there is always an option for you to. Only thing I give MS credit for is MSoffice. Specifically word and PowerPoint. I don't have an open source alternative with nearly as good of a UI as those 2. (Sorry, libre/open office UI sucks in comparison, though we have had significant improvements to them in the last few years).

  • Last Letter Game


  • Mousou Telepathy

    never realized catching up to a manga felt this horrifying . . . i wanto read more!!!


    Well... I'll try to help out stratelove with his grammar ... he is still mostly working on it by himself so be thankful that at least someone is doing this for free.

  • Strange Tales of the Republic of China



    I still don't understand why people are hating this translation. It's not like the guys are paying for it, is it? At least he's trying and anyone one with decent English understanding can get the idea of what the sentence is meant to say.. People are reading it for free yet not appreciating the work he's been doing, i know it's not the best but it's not the worst either. Unless people are paying for it, they have no right to be rude.

  • Higyaku no Noel

    Lowbudget Alchemist Brotherhood

  • Karin

    My first non mainstream manga I read. I just decided to read something else besides Naruto all those years ago in Barnes and Noble. I was still a middle schooler too

  • Granblue Fantasy

    Deader then dead as far as activity is concerned. On the plus side, it's getting a French release, so maybe I'll pick it up.

  • Solo Leveling

    Isekai Dark souls? <3

  • Kitsune Spirit

    I just found out about this manga... And holy shit, its glorious! Insta-followed

  • Tsuiteru Kanojo.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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