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  • Interview: _anq

    Welcome everyone, to our second interview! I know both on the forums and on our Discord I said we'd be doing bi-weekly interviews, but I was so blown away by the positive feedback and the interactions between scanlators and readers that I decided to get this interview out a week early since it was ready to go. This week, I decided to interview _anq, leader of the appropriately named group _anq. I'm also experimenting with slight changes to the format of the interviews. These are early days yet. In upcoming interviews I may decide to try having a real time conversation instead of offering prepared questions before hand. Be patient with me folks! Enjoy the interview: (quote) Well, there you have it! Please, feel free to ask @_anq additional questions and thank them for their time conducting this interview! And seriously, I can't recommend their work enough. Check out Yancha Gal if nothing else.

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  • Iron Ladies

    Lol I do like that gonna make it rain blood line

  • Kemono Michi

    Cover title is deceptive, lol.

  • Iron Ladies

    well all the best for your exams

  • Mijuku na Futari de Gozaimasu ga

    Have they fucked already?

  • Alive: The Final Evolution

    Hey, not the best thing to say about an author who already passed away. Dislike the work all you want, but no need to resort to ad hominem attacks, especially when it’s disrespecting a dead person.


    Hey isn't midgard a Norse term for earth so does this manga revolve around Norse mythology? I am in for dragon loli though.

  • 0°C no Mahou

    My knowledge of Japan has increased, as to what kind of knowledge, I do not know.


    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat... the dragon is not a nojya-loli ... wutdafok?

  • I Was Trash

    I love when they release two chapters a day 😊

  • Koibana Onsen

    I still remember reading this. It's like a discount Love Hina, lmao

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