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  • Inbox Conversation History crashed - There is a limit to how many messages one page can handle in the Message Thread/Conversation History

    @Grindstone We'll look into it and let you know when its fixed!

  • Filter : Year of publication

    It haaaaas been suggested: #10227: Publication Date And I'm still in support of this idea! Also, a related idea: #25020: Serialized in/Published in

  • Profile Website :planned:

    Well, the instructions do say to make sure to include it (image) We'll fix it though lol.

  • Profile Website :planned:

    Just something small that I noticed, but if you don't start your link with http:// then the link won't work.

  • Request for group takeover

    User ID: 6622 Group ID: 6103 Website: I needed an identity change. Thank you!

  • MangaDex Network: Free Hosting For Scanlators!

    The (dot)com domain was blocked because md were publicly hosting hentai in the first few week. Then thosr morons never bothered to unblock it unless someone made complain to govt

  • Last Letter Game


  • Daily Black

    reading about someones life->i have no life i have the opportunity to become great and here i am

  • Daily Black

    Day 12 Chapter 3.1: Nice guys are neets' natural enemies. Pepito the Neet here. Most people think that neets are socially awkward, but they are wrong. Neets are the new Chads. All these Dating sims I played mad me an expert in human relationship. Just watch how I will befriend this savage Girl who came from nowhere for devouring our food. -Pepito (confident) -So you like fish huh? -(munch munch) (The girl was too concentrated on her meal.) - Don't cry Pepito,it's not your faut, you did your best .(Pepito consoling himself) -... -... After finishing her meal the girl suddenly fall asleep [ a stone] Now that she was immobile, Pepito was able to get a better look at her. [Permitting the author to be a little more descriptive.] -She looks totally extenued. Her clothes are dirty and torn. A backpack. It's hard to see in this position but she should be around 1.65meter. An athletic body Skin slightly tanned Young, maybe my age. Black straight hair. Pretty face for a 3D girl. 8.5/10 (thought Pepito, looking at her like a creep.) Suddenly, Choco appeared in Pepito's field of view, he covered her with a blanket. - Julius told me that humans don't like cold. - (What a nice guy.)Yeah that's right(yawn)... Where are the others blankets? - It's the only one. - -_- - Good night. - -_- I love stone jokes.

  • Daily Black

    Why the fuck did I responded seriously.

  • Hiru to Yoru no Oishii Jikan

    On romance I think I'm fine either way on this one. Anyway, what a cute kid. He's a shoujo heroine in fluffy-haired male form.

  • Wo Zai Hougong Dang Ju Ju

    is this going to be translated to english

  • The Abandoned Empress

    is this ever going to be translated to english like on mangago?

  • Hunter X Hunter

    I will never want to imagine it if this series is not finished because there are unexpected events occur. This is totally my favourite. I read Naruto, OP, Bleach, Dragon Ball as one of my childhood series, but HxH is the winner. If you want me to choose among many ongoing popular shounen series right now HxH still the best. Even I choose this over Attack on Titan, Ajin and others. Feeling upset? not only you, but I don't regret buying the comic, whatever happens. Idfc about his rumor, just waiting patiently.

  • Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

    Meh. Great manga, mediocre ending.

  • Uramichi Oniisan

    Tagline for this manga : Reality hits hard. I agree with Lxpic that this manga is dark. Yes, it is quite heavy. The world of adults. Smile, pretend to be strong, endure every little thing and many more. I can't help but laugh because that's the way they are.

  • Mad Maid with Odd Powers

    no waifus this chp sadface

  • Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

    wow this manga is really, really, really trash

  • The Manga Where a Crossdressing Cosplayer Gets a Brother

    @mikegnesium: There are other manga that use Fate/Type-Moon characters' appearances without actually involving said characters?

  • Isekai Izakaya "Nobu"

    This would be better if the locals didn't spend half of each chapter ravenously sucking the dick of SUPERIOR JAPANESE CUISINE. It just reads like a 12 year old's masturbation fantasy.

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