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  • Takagi-san announcement?

    I'll not steal the article... Read it below at the source. Is the teasing about to end? New anime season maybe? Opinions?

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  • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

    Just gonna plop this down here.

  • Corpse Party - Musume

    I came and stayed for the boobs. I can say that with pride

  • High Position

    @juicius you’re a legend. Now I don’t feel so alone in my mid-life crisis.

  • Informal Romance

    Seems like a nice series. Cute art, cute characters. Blonde MC seems to have a cliché personality and I'm not sure why the dark-grey haired character needs to be bullied by everyone but the dark-haired love-interest doesn't seem to have any melancholy backstory or crippling psychological problems, so that immediately lifts this manga above about 80 percent of all yuri manga. I like the story. Not much happening and the love-triangle is a bit of a bland overused idea, but it doesn't rely on any far-fetched nonsense that has the mc having to save a damsel-in-distress love-interest. It's a simple good down-to-earth yuri story. There are far too few of those.

  • Ashigei Shoujo Komura-san

    Can't really put my finger (or toe?) on it, but drawings felt a bit better in the one shot, or is it just me ?

  • Sekitou Elegy

    I was reading chapter 65 when I realised the MC pisses me off, but then I remember that I could be just like him in the future. Oh well

  • Splatoon

    I mean,I liked it. I'm just extremely jealous that the japanese got the Senryuu suit as well as Emperor's clothes. Other than that I'd say this is pretty good.

  • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

    @Sareg Well she is the bloody bear after all!

  • Pawahara Bishoujo Kanpanii

    missing the yaoi tag :^)

  • Kemono Jihen

    Thanks for working on this!

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