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  • Interview: _anq

    Welcome everyone, to our second interview! I know both on the forums and on our Discord I said we'd be doing bi-weekly interviews, but I was so blown away by the positive feedback and the interactions between scanlators and readers that I decided to get this interview out a week early since it was ready to go. This week, I decided to interview _anq, leader of the appropriately named group _anq. I'm also experimenting with slight changes to the format of the interviews. These are early days yet. In upcoming interviews I may decide to try having a real time conversation instead of offering prepared questions before hand. Be patient with me folks! Enjoy the interview: (quote) Well, there you have it! Please, feel free to ask @_anq additional questions and thank them for their time conducting this interview! And seriously, I can't recommend their work enough. Check out Yancha Gal if nothing else.

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  • RaW Hero

    Damn 😂😂😂

  • Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!

    best manga, it made me feels

  • Don's Adventure in Another World

    Seems two places have the license: Faster but worse translation (mc is called Tomin), current chapter 91 corresponds to 42.2 on mangadex: Slower but better translation (no Tomin, is Tang), current chapter 21 corresponds to 10.1 on mangadex: Also, seems mangadex only allows one link for Official English atm, so only the webcomics one is currently linked.

  • Devil's President Sacrificial Bride

    Amazing first chapter... We get this scene of abuse followed up by rape followed up by attempted murder (Unless she actually died) and then the chapter ends. If you don't get a good vibe from this alone then something must be wrong with you.

  • RaW Hero

    maybe they forgot to put a gender bender tag.

  • The Girl from Random Chatting!

    @korpi93 they met before summer break and he work out since then

  • This Doesn't Feel Like Me


  • Reset Game

    Huh. This is really obviously inspired by the movie Cube, and I can't say I mind. Love that movie, interested to see where this goes.

  • Hero? I Quit A Long Time Ago

    Stop comparing the manhua to OPM you discraceful human. If you dont like the manhua then go read other manga. Cant appreciate good things

  • My Alien Days

    Yo... Shiratori's drama is literally making me hate this manga.

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