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  • Interview: _anq

    Welcome everyone, to our second interview! I know both on the forums and on our Discord I said we'd be doing bi-weekly interviews, but I was so blown away by the positive feedback and the interactions between scanlators and readers that I decided to get this interview out a week early since it was ready to go. This week, I decided to interview _anq, leader of the appropriately named group _anq. I'm also experimenting with slight changes to the format of the interviews. These are early days yet. In upcoming interviews I may decide to try having a real time conversation instead of offering prepared questions before hand. Be patient with me folks! Enjoy the interview: (quote) Well, there you have it! Please, feel free to ask @_anq additional questions and thank them for their time conducting this interview! And seriously, I can't recommend their work enough. Check out Yancha Gal if nothing else.

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  • Game

    There are two separate, in-universe stories: chapters 1-3 are the first, and 4-7 are the second. The first chapter has a fairly awkward beginning, but it does iron itself out.

  • The Blossoming of Zhang Mei Li

    @aquariumtourmaline Well said.

  • Onii-chan is Done For

    ever just get so into a manga you wanna skip forward 5 years so you can read more? thats me rn and i kinda wanna die. anyone got anything similar so i dont kms?

  • The Blossoming of Zhang Mei Li

    This series has sublime artwork that is only accentuated by the poetic and thoughtful writing style. Truly a masterpiece that will forever come to known as a classic

  • Rain Curtain

    I swear about 80% of Chinese and Korean webtoons are straight up porn.

  • I'm Not A Magical Girl

    This looked like from the same universe as "Hero!? I quit long time ago"

  • It's Not Meguro-san's First Time

    @Vverg its because theyre terrified of their self inserts being cucked my good man

  • A Diffusion Disease

    At first, I was put off by the seemingly disjointed structure, but the further I go the more I'm sucked into this surreal atmosphere. What an interesting manga so far.

  • I'm Not A Magical Girl

    @Kuu_dere_ Your avatar needs a seizure warning disclaimer. Seriously. XD

  • Sayuri

    Thanks for the new chapter, loli soul.

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