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  • Uramikoi, Koi, Uramikoi.

    @seekermoc: I feel like that's going to change. MC has been a passive observer because he enjoys how things are in his life, but if the sister starts acting like their dickhead grandfather did, he may have to fight her .

  • The Duke of Death and His Black Maid

    >shounen >no handholding between the mc damn right.

  • Dark Game

    It's so boring. I don't care about any of the characters. The main girl is a bitch. One rich boy is a pussy. The others are assholes. I mean, so far everyone in the manga up to chp 11 is an asshole.

  • Rokudou no Onna-tachi

    Calling it now: Shy girl is the mid-boss of this arc (Ling is clearly final boss).

  • Ore no Genjitsu wa Ren’ai Game?? ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game datta

    this is actually a hidden gem! its awesome i cant wait to read more chapters of this! 😍😍

  • The Shame of Miss Machiko

    Written by the creator of Doraemon's first assistant, supposedly based on his experiences as a teacher. One of the lost treasures of ENF. I always wanted to see this translated. Amusingly, the artist has done tons of fanart of his own manga, including putting out several "fan books." Like, a lot of them. I had some of them downloaded from WinNY back in the day, but looking on them apparently a good number of them (perhaps not the lewdest ones) are on Kindle now. Black, White, and Pink Box, which I think are 3 volumes of slightly more dirty comics, just like the originals. Looking at some of the stuff on Amazon... looks like he compiled some of the rare books and photo galleries into two tanks (sadly, not on Kindle):まいっちんぐマチコ先生「お宝-」コレクション-1巻-えびはら-武司/dp/4835455789/まいっちんぐマチコ先生-「お宝-」コレクション-えびはら-武司/dp/4835455797/ Official homepage 1: Official homepage 2: Official homepage 3: Random thought: Recent update shows that Machiko is being used in an advertisement campaign for permanent hair removal. Um, I always just presumed they didn't draw it to avoid being censored.

  • Hungry Marie

    That's what I don't get either. MxO and Double Arts WERE popular, just not necessarily with the shonen demo of their magazines(both were actually more popular with seinen demo's) so I see no reason to have axed them like they did other than lack of merchandisibility. Ditto for I-Revo and Rough Sketch Senpai. They could have still ported them over here and they would have sold incredibly well though.

  • Hiru to Yoru no Oishii Jikan

    On romance I think I'm fine either way on this one. Anyway, what a cute kid. He's a shoujo heroine in fluffy-haired male form.

  • Wo Zai Hougong Dang Ju Ju

    is this going to be translated to english

  • The Abandoned Empress

    is this ever going to be translated to english like on mangago?

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